(Last Updated On: January 14, 2023)

A charger, a pair of headphones, and other extras are included when purchasing a smartphone. For instance, the average length of the charger is at most 0.5 meters. However, in some situations, you might require more than this length to supply your handsets with power while their batteries run low. We could get a power bank for that issue, but a longer cable is essential if we cannot afford one. Is having a meter-long or longer charger cord worth it, with all the new technology, like those helpful power banks? Let’s think about a few essential points in this post.

Reasons To Get a Longer Cable

There are a few explanations why somebody might need long smartphone charger cables:


Long charger cables might be handy if you use your handsets while charging, but the outlet needs to be within reach. For instance, you could use a lengthy charging cord to charge your phone while sitting on the sofa or lying in bed, and a 10 ft usb c cable can be a good product for it. Furthermore, using your phone while charging can be more straightforward if the charger cord is lengthy, as you would not need to keep getting up or moving to reach the outlet. We frequently remember that there are still situations where we may need outlets far away; thus, purchasing those long cords may be the answer to this issue.


Long charger cords can be beneficial when the plug is difficult to reach. For instance, if your desk or couch has an outlet, a lengthy charger cable can enable you to charge your phone or another device without moving the furniture or squeezing through the space behind it. This situation is beneficial if you frequently use your phone or another gadget and need to keep it powered, but the outlet is inaccessible now. 

Versatility And Flexibility

Longer chargers are necessary, but they also allow for flexibility. It can be helpful when there is no available outlet at your home, or you want to sit on a couch but need to keep your phone charged, as I described previously. Also, you can use it to charge speakers and other electronic devices like laptops. Thus you may use it for more than just charging phones. Additionally, long charging connections, especially those of the USB variety, work with various devices and can be used to transfer data from portable devices to desktop PCs. Overall, extended charger cables can be quite helpful in various circumstances and make using your phone while charging more uncomplicated and practical.

Why Investing in A Suitable 10-Foot Charging Cable Is Essential

Getting the cheapest item at a store can be tempting, but you’ll need a cable that can withstand the amount of use and abuse it receives. A reliable 10-foot charging cable should endure frequent use without fraying, breaking, or experiencing other problems. If you travel with your line or use it regularly, this may be crucial. A decent 10-foot charging cable should also be dependable and capable of charging your smartphone quickly. This is crucial if you often use your gadget and need to keep it charged. A solid 10-foot charging cable should also be appropriate for your device and the port you are utilizing. Doing this will ensure you can charge your smartphone efficiently and stay trouble-free. One final consideration is that a decent charging cable should be safe and not risk overheating or damaging your device.

The Verdict

Getting a cable that is 10 feet long is still a good deal for us because of its many advantages. Even though the price may be slightly higher, it is still worthwhile.