Are you thinking of getting new software for school? If you have, you might want to consider switching to a new operating system. Don’t rush into choosing the famous Windows or OS just yet – there are some great alternatives out there that are perfect for college students, such as Linux.

Of course, Linux won’t magically fix your grades or write your papers, but it is a great operating system with a few benefits over the others. 

College students have it hard these days. They have to learn a lot, study for exams, attend classes, and even write paper after paper to boost their grades and overall performance. At times, no matter what device or operating system they use, they cannot handle all their academic obligations. At such times, the solution for a student is to check out the best research proposal writing services to write their papers while they dedicate their time to studying or simply have some well-deserved rest.

Even so, you’ll still need a computer to handle your emails, download the ready paper from the writer, and submit it to your professor. If you are thinking about which operating system is best for a student these days, we recommend Linux. Why? Let’s take a look at the reasons. 

  1. Less Expensive

Computers aren’t a low expense these days, especially if you want to get something of good quality. Even a low-end computer with Windows will cost you a couple of hundreds, and if you go for OS, you’re looking at a thousand dollars for the cheapest MacBook on the market. 

If you use Linux, this is a 100% free option and can save you tons of money because of it. You can build your own PC with it or purchase something cheap without an operating system and put Linux on it. 

If you’re low on cash at any moment and cannot afford the new upgrades of Windows or OS, you can replace any of these with Linux without paying anything. This way, you’ll get a fully functional computer free of charge and many capabilities that students need these days. 

  1. More Freedom

Closed-source operating systems like Windows aren’t powered by communities hence they don’t offer some opportunities that come with choices like Linux. With Linux, you can access the source code and change it if you have the necessary skills, benefit from everything it offers without paying money, and choose from many different modifications made by others. You can even contribute with your own modifications. 

Basically, Linux gives you more freedom over the operating system you use. If you study IT, this can be a great opportunity to work on your skills and add something extra to your resume. In addition, knowing the best college essay writing services will be helpful. There will be plenty of free time for you to enjoy!

  1. More Control

All those updates on other operating systems can be annoying. You have to update your Windows and OS, and you have no control over the matter. A lot of the time, settings in your device will be changed without an announcement. 

Yes, these are done for your security and for better capabilities, but wouldn’t it be nicer if you could choose whether or not you want them? That’s what you get with Linux – more control over what happens on your laptop or desktop. 

  1. Simple Usage

If you haven’t used it before, Linux might seem like a lot of work when you first install it. However, this is one of the most user-friendly operating systems, and it will take you a very short time to get the hang of it. 

Unless you want to, you don’t have to touch the terminal. You can just install basic software to use for your papers and studying such as LibreOffice, and use your laptop to browse the Web. After all, this is what most students need from their laptops for college. 

Final Words

It all comes down to what you prefer and what you can afford. Since they are on a limited budget, most college students would jump at the opportunity to save tons of money by choosing a cheaper, quality alternative. Linux is it. 

Others would love to have more control and flexibility and be able to tweak their system when they feel like it. Linux offers this too. 

Finally, Linux is a great way to practice your skills, and since it is free to use – what do you have to lose if you switch to it? If you still prefer Windows and OS, you can always switch back!

Author’s bio:

Robert Everett is a software and app developer working at an academic help service. His job is to assist students with their programming assignments. In his spare time, Robert contributes educational articles on sites for students.