(Last Updated On: May 14, 2022)

Instagram’s latest feature is a user-friendly, creative, and engaging way to share new (and old!) material with your audience, from gift guides to resources.

What are Instagram Guides and How to Use Them?

Instagram Guides are a hybrid of carousels on Instagram and blog entries. 

Instagram Guides let users read through a curated stream of interactive material, much like a blog article (but without having to leave Instagram!).

There are three distinct guide formats to pick from:

  • Recommend sites in and around your city.
  • Recommend your favourite goods, either from your own store or from others.
  • Recommend posts that you’ve written or saved.

How to Make a Product Guide for Instagram?

1. In the upper right corner of your profile, click the + sign.

2. Pick a guide.

3. Select Products.

4. Find the product listing you want to add by searching by account. If you’ve added the item to your Wishlist, you’ll be able to locate it there as well.

5. Tap Next after selecting the product you want to add. If numerous postings are available, you can select to incorporate them in a single submission. They’ll be arranged in a carousel.

6. Add a title and description to your guide. Change Cover Photo if you’d like to utilise a different cover photo.

7. Double-check the pre-filled place name and make any necessary changes. Add a description if desired.

8. Tap Add Products and go through steps 4–8 again until your guide is complete.

9. In the top right corner, tap Next.

10. Select Share.

How to Make Instagram Guides That Will Get You Engaged:

So, what’s the best way to buck the trend? Let’s take a look at how Instagram guidelines may help your audience connect with your content in new ways.

  1. Tell the Story of Your Brand:

Every brand has a unique narrative to tell, whether it’s the surprise reason for its inception or the significance of its objective. But how can you tell your narrative concisely and pique the interest of both new and old fans?

Instagram instructions allow you to create your own unique story utilising your own insightful posts. Guides can keep visitors on your Instagram page and prevent them from clicking away to learn more since they can communicate your entire narrative. If your story or objective is still in the works, you may add to your guide as you produce relevant posts or expand your Instagram store.

  1. Give instructions on how to do something:

Explainer videos may be your first choice when it comes to developing how-to tutorials. But what if a single video isn’t enough, or you can’t fit an explanation into your marketing strategy? Instagram guidelines are perfect for this since they combine several sources of information into a single piece of content.

Plan out the steps you’ll need to include in your how-to guide. Then, either find pre-existing material that corresponds to each phase or create new posts to fill in the gaps. Finally, use the headlines and captions to put up the guide with step-by-step directions. To acquire greater traction from this evergreen content, share the URL with others (such as your email list). 

  1. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Making Instagram posts, reels, or stories that address a single question is simple. But what if you want to respond to a slew of queries that your audience has sent you in DMs? You may create your own FAQs section using Instagram instructions.

Make a list of the questions you need to answer first.

Next, select whether to employ articles, items, or locations, as they may all serve the same objective. Spend some time writing captions that are useful. In the title fields, put the questions or answers, and in the captions, give further context. Every time you get a DM asking one of the FAQs, share the guide.

  1. Topical Content Curation

Do you wish to create your company’s expertise on a certain subject? Combine many posts into a single, roundup-style guide. This sort of timeless guidance is perfect for responding to DMs or posting on other social media platforms.

  1. Make a travel guide.

Place-focused guides may be a terrific way to drive interaction whether you own a travel agency or a tourism brand. You may include everything from entire cities to single locations in your guide to build a fascinating tale. Then, using your own material or articles from your partners, illustrate each place.

Make it a habit to go through your travel guides on a regular basis to maintain them up to date or to get fresh ideas. To boost clicks and show off your local knowledge, share them via Stories.


In conclusion, give Instagram Guides a shot if you want to enhance your organic interaction on Instagram. Businesses of all sizes can rapidly develop Instagram guides chock-full of useful material focusing on certain posts, products, or locations. You may use guides to tell your brand’s narrative, market products and services, respond to frequently asked questions, collect useful material, and more.