(Last Updated On: July 31, 2021)

how to restart (Ubuntu) Linux in command line

how to restart Ubuntu Linux in command line- (5 Codes) –Hi, GoGoRapid thought to write Bit about UBUNTU Linux Codes.. So we wrote these List of Shout downing, Restarting Commands. You can use theses Commands to Restart or Shutdown your machine or Sever. and also you can Restart or Shut down your machine on specific time or as you like. it is simple code only thing is you have to adjust the time in that command.

How do i shutdown my Ubuntu Linux virtual machine?


$ sudo shut down -r now (recommended)




$ sudo shut down -h now




$ sudo shut down -h 0



$ sudo reboot


Restart ubuntu linux in command line

How to shut down specific time?


$ sudo shut down -h 15:04 “Server is going down for maintenance please wait”


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