how to reset wiko phone

How to reset android phone from Computer  Click

how to reset wiko phone – Hi all of you who came to know about factory reset.. phone. If you are using…. phone. Then you are in right place

Why we want to reset phone

When it injected virus
When it slow down

In above cases we can use this resetting method.. accually android phone has two methed of resetting.. one is nomal reseth it can perform throght the phone seeting.. and another one is hard reset unless it can be called force reset.. force reset can perform throght the boot menu..

In this post we are going to perform force reset. If you want to perform nomal reset then click this.. lets see how to do

Note – you can use this method for Wiko Slide 2, wiko Pulp, wiko Pulp 4G, Wiko Pulp Fab 4G, Wiko Fever 4G, Wiko Rainbow Jam, Wiko Selfy, Wiko Lenny 2, Wiko Selfy 4G, Wiko Rainbow Lite 4G, Wiko Bloom2, Wiko Sunset2, Wiko Highway, Wiko Darkside, Wiko Stairway, Wiko Cink Five, Wiko Sublim, Wiko Iggy, Wiko Ozzy, Wiko Cink King, Wiko Cink Slim, Wiko Darkfull and etc


How do i factory reset my ….. phone

1.Turn off the your WiKO phone.
2.Tap and hold volume up key + Powe key till vibrate.
3.Then Press the Volume Up key  to enter “Android System Recover”
4. tap “Wipe data / Factory reset”
5. press the power key to comfirm.


If not work?

then try to reset from computer 

Now job is done. After restart, ajust the time zone and date. If you have any problem please ask us.. belive me our team reply to you as soon as we can.. as wel as please share this over the social medias like facebokk and twitter and you had better bookmark us for future..