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How to reset Nokia Lumia phone

How to reset Nokia Lumia phone- There are 2 methods for performing reset. One is Soft reset method and second one is hard reset method. If you have freezing problem or does not switch on problem or an app crashes, or if you have sound problems or if the screen is blank or If phone ask PIN/Password during reset then try this Guide line

How to Normal reset Nokia lumia

Before performing reset, see whether battery is 40%+ if not charge your phone

  1. First, Go to setting from the phone menu.
  2. And go to about page.
  3. tap “ reset your phone”

If your phone is windows 10, then
Settings > System > About > Reset your phone

How to Force reset Nokia lumia

  1. Turn off Nokia lumia phone
  2. Press and hold “Volume Down + Camera key + Power button” together.900 Soft reset
  3. After vibrate release the Power button.
  4. When your phone reboots, then release the reset of holded keys.
  5. Now it start reset

Another method – How to Force reset Nokia lumia

  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Press and hold “Volume down button and Power key” until vibrate
  3. When exclamation mark appears, press this four buttons. (press it this Order only
  4. Now it reset itself

You can use these method for – Nokia lumia 550,Nokia Lumia 930,Nokia Lumia 950, Nokia Lumia 640,Nokia Lumia 540,Nokia Lumia 430,Nokia Lumia 435, Nokia Lumia 535,Nokia Lumia 830,Nokia Lumia 930,Nokia Lumia 730,Nokia Lumia 530 Dual Sim, Nokia Lumia 1320,Nokia Lumia 525,Nokia Lumia 1520,Nokia Lumia 925,Nokia Lumia 1020,Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia Lumia 710

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