(Last Updated On: October 17, 2019)

How to reset Lenovo phone

How to reset android phone from Computer  Click

Today our post is about how to reset lenovo phone with video. Lenovo is a good brand in the phone insdutry there is no doub. But do you know how to factory reset lenovo phone yourself? If you use lenovo phone /tablet, you should know how to do that.. If not you have get shop to repair it. Don’t worry we have step by step Guide to reset lenovo phone

Why we need to reset

When phone got virus..
When phone slow down..

Actually i write this post to help who want to reset thire lenovo phone because some people ask us how to do that throgh the mail..


“Hi GoGoRapid, I have Lenovo phone. It is very Slow. I want to reset it. How to do it”

“Hi, Boss. how  do i reset my Lenovo  phone. I think it injected Virus”

“Hello, How to reset Lenovo  “


Note – If you have a problem ask us like this then we can write this type of post..

You can use this method for these lenova phones – Lenovo K4 Note,Lenovo A6000 Plus,Lenovo Vibe P1m,Lenovo S90 32GB,Lenovo K3 Note Music,Lenovo A7000 Turbo,Lenovo A6000 Shot,Lenovo S60,Lenovo P70,Lenovo S60 Sisley,Lenovo K900,Lenovo P780,Lenovo S90 Sisley,Lenovo P780 4GB,Lenovo A680,Lenovo K910L

How do i reset my lenovo phone

1. Off the lenova phone.
2.Press and hold “Volume up key+power key”
3.Then it will appear boot menu.
4. choose “Clear eMMC”

How to reset Lenovo phone



Now job is done, It will reset and restart then you can adjust the time and date

If not work?

then try to reset from computer 

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