How to reset Chinese Lenovo phone

reset Chinese Lenovo phone

How to reset Chinese Lenovo phone


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——>  You must know these tricks on android <——


Hi everyone who come to get idea about how to reset phone yourself.. and today we talk about Chinese Lenovo phone reset method.. there are 2 methods.. and this post we are going to use hard reset method.. if you want to soft reset then click this..

I saw When i loged to my Gmail account, i notices some mails.. i open them..

“Hi GoGoRapid,Sir, I have Lenova Chinese phone. It is very Slow. I want to reset it. How to do it.”

“Hi, Boss. how  do i reset my lenovo Chinese phone. I think it injected Virus.”

“Hello, How to reset Lenova chinese language,”


After read them i decide to new write a post about how to reset lenova chinese language phone and decided to include all thing you should know before the reset your phone..

you can use this method for-Lenovo K900,Lenovo P780,Lenovo S90 Sisley,Lenovo P780 4GB , Lenovo K4 Note,Lenovo A6000 Plus,Lenovo Vibe P1m,Lenovo S90 32GB,Lenovo S60,Lenovo P70,Lenovo S60 Sisley,Lenovo A680,Lenovo K910L,Lenovo K3 Note Music,Lenovo A7000 Turbo,Lenovo A6000 Shot,

Why we have to resetv Lenovo  phone

When our phone got virus..
When our phone slow down..

In these situations we have to reset our phone.. don’t worry you don’t need any knowledge.. i will teach you whole things

How do i reset my Chinese lenovo phone

  1. turn off the your Chinese Lenova Phone
  2. Tap and hold “Volume up key+power key” at the same time
    3.choose “Clear eMMc”
    4.the it will start reset.
    5.After reseted, you can use your phone

Note – you can move down tapping by Volume up key and you can Clicking by volume down key

If your lenovo phone Language is Chinese? 

reset Chinese Lenovo phone

  1. click “Wipe EMMC”
  2. Then choose factory reset

That is not my Screen? different Chinese menu

reset Chinese Lenovo phone

1.Click this..
2. choose factory reset or”YES” if required


Can’t Do? watch the video –>> How i reset my Chinese lenovo Video

After this your job is done. Now you have to reset your time zone and date. then you can use your phone

If not work?

then try to reset from computer 

Thank you.. please share this over the facebook and twitter and other social medias if you get any thing in this post.. and feel free to book mark us on your browser as wel as if you have any doub ir proble please ask with screen shot. Belive me i reply it to as soon as i can..

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  1. Sir, I have a lenovo k3 note (k50a40). I recently updated the phone to marshmallow 6. Initially, I did it over 3g network and after downloading and during its subsequent update of various apps and systems, my phone got hanged most probably due to net fluctuation. The phone was repaired from their service centre and workable but has the following problems:
    a. Net work reception has become very weak. Friends say they can’t reach me because my phone is always unreachable and switched off buy on the contrary my phone is always on and showing full bar.
    b. Secondly, while calling it remains silent and shows net work not available though the bar is full. Sometimes after restart I can call but after a good waiting.
    c. Thitdly, internet reception also has become very poor.
    It is Chinese made purchased from India. I have no option but to seek your help. M desperate…

  2. sir.. i have a388t china lenovo.. i just try to follow the all step.. but sadly.. it not working.. the screen just say im in the safe mode but i still must enter the password that i forgot. tq sir

  3. Δεν μπορεί να πάει σε λειτουργία ανάκτησης. μπορείς να με βοηθήσεις

  4. lenovo에서는 복구 모드로 전환 할 수 없습니다. 너 나 좀 도와 줄 수있어

  5. Próbowałem tyle razy, ale nie mogę przejść do trybu odzyskiwania w lenovo. możesz mi pomóc

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