How to Recover Shortcut Virus From pen Drive


How to Recover Shortcut Virus From pen Drive

This guide line included.How to Recover Shortcut Virus From pen Drive,I have received Lot of emails asking How to get their Files from pen Without Virus.

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“My pen drive infected Virus. There all files converted to Shortcuts, what I should do now”

“Hey GoGoRapid, my all folders and files changed to Shortcut. Is it Virus? Then what I do?”

“I can’t open my files and videos from my pen. All are converted Shortcut”

“My files and folders are appearing as Shortcut in pen. I can’t open it. How to solve”


First of all, I want to tell you. This is Small Virus. Computer is not damaged by this virus. But now you think that your all files are gone. Nopz, we can get your files again. This guide line is for that. Unfortunately your files might be lost also. So harry up

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If you want to check that your data is gone. Then see the size of pen.. (MB – GB) If your data is gone then you can see totally free space in your pen. But I don’t think that your pen’s data is lost because this is a shortcut virus. It’s mean automatically create Shortcuts and hide original one.

How to Recover Shortcut Virus from USB Drive

Follow with me now, Go to desktop on your computer and press Windows key and “R” key together. Then it will automatically open “RUN”. When RUN opened, type “CMD” and enter. 

How to Recover Shortcut Virus From pen Drive
How to Recover Shortcut Virus From pen Drive


Now you can see Black screen Box. For this we call “Command prompt” We can type DOS Commands from this.

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Type this Code on Command prompt

ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D N:\

How to Recover Shortcut Virus From pen Drive
How to Recover Shortcut Virus From pen Drive

Please don’t copy and paste because it may be not working. If you want to copy and paste then Copy and paste to Notepad First, after then copy and paste to Command prompt.


The Letter N denotes the letter of the Dives’s letter (you can see it from “my computer”)

If your pen Drive’s letter is R then replace the R intend of N.

Please type this code correctly. ATTRIB Space Hyphen (no space) Letter H, space any hyphen. (No space) letter S, space forward slash and S, space forward slash and D, then your Drive’s Letter.

If your pen drive name is Jon.

 Jon (T 🙂 then Drive’s letter is T.

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After this, wait 3-4 minutes and go and see your pen. Now you can see all data is back. Get copy of Files. Don’t get shortcuts. And paste it to where ever to your computer hard. And Format your pen drive.  Job is done.

Another way For this

Type dive letter in at command prompt. (N:/ ) Now you can see Directory Changed.

Now type this “attrib -s -h /s /d *.*”

OK then open Drive in new window and Check “autorun.inf”  If you found,then Remove it. Now you can see one Folder. open it.  🙂 

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