How to recover Hard Disk| 3 Methods| Solved

How to recover Hard Disk| 3 Methods| Solved

How to get formatted hard drive’s data. You may ask me. “Is this possible” my answer is yes. In this article i am going teach you how to get formatted data. Actually. This post was written by me because our uses sent me some mail and they said.. 

“Sir, virus attacked to my computer. I couldn’t get back up. Now i have installed windows 8. Now my hard is also empty. I want to get my data again. Movies, songs, word files, etc.. “

“Hi, my computer got slow.. So I formatted it but i forgot get back up. Can you please tell me how get data back. And getting data back is possible now? “

“Hi, my computer suddenly off. It didn’t work after that. So i have format and install windows again.. My hard disk is now empty. I want to get my data. How to get”

After reading these emails. I decided to write a post about this.. When hard got like this error, we have to format our hard without thinking data.

Disk error
Operating System not found
Invalid or corrupt FAT
Non system disk
Cannot find file or program
Primary/Secondary Hard disk failure
Slow down
drive letter has gone
HARD  is recognized by your PC as RAW data and no files can be read

How ever, after install windows. Come another problem, how to get previous hard’s data. Actually most of people don’t know that even it is possible. In this we recover your Songs, Videos, mp3, audio files, document and all other things. Can you believe me?  But we can’t recover through the CMD “Command prompt” like “recovering pen drive. So we have to use third party software.

First of all I want to tel you one thing. If you face this kind of problem, please don’t copy and paste any to anywhere. It can be damaged our previous data in hard drive.  Because then perform overwrite. When you copy and paste something, that copy files save on your previous data. That why we say so. as wel as you can use this method for HP,TOSHIBA,DELL, LENOVA , SAMSUNG computers and Windows xp,windows 7,windows 8,windows 8.1, windows 10

What is the Best Software for Recover my Hard

I recommend three software for recover your Hard drive.

  1. Recuva – (it has trial.exe)
  2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – (it has trial.exe)
  3. Recover my files –(it has exe)

Recuva developed by Piriform.   It can also recover files deleted from your USB pen/ external hard drive. My choice is “Recuva” so I am going use this one.

How to recover Hard Disk by using Recuva

  1. Download “recuva” (you can get trail version)How to recover Hard Disk
  2. Scan all over the hard by selecting all partitions (Local disk C,D,E)
  3. Then you can recover all filesHow to recover Hard Disk

Red mark files are damaged. So you can’t recover them. Thank you for read. Please share this.

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