How to Factory Reset My Zigo phone

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Today our guide is how to perform reset on ZIGO phone. We all known ZIGO is new trend in nowadays.. but do you know how to factory reset your ZIGO mobile? When phone does not work,get shop to repair the ZiGo phone? Why? Actually then , there is no point in using your Zigo mobile phone.  if you don’t know even how to reset. So, here is all step 🙂 Go head

Why we have to Reset Zigo phone

We reset the phone mainly

When Phone injected virus.
When phone slow down.
When we sell the phone.

Actually this post was written by me because lot of our uses mail us and ask how to reset their ZIGO phone.. in the internet there are some articles about resetting.. but there all are same.. isn’t?
I think that’s why people ask us to write new one..

“Hi GoGoRapid, I have Zigo phone. It is very Slow. I want to reset it. How to do it”

“Hi, Boss. how  do i reset my ZiGo phone. I think it injected Virus”

“Hello, How to reset zigo eon 5i “

There are two ways for you to reset your Zigo phone. One is normal reset. you may be know about normal reset which perform through the phone setting. and second one is hard reset method. It perform after turn off the phone. It is Hard/ Force reset method.

How to perform Normal reset in Zigo

  1. Switch on your Zigo phone.
  2. Go to your setting page on your Zigo phone.
  3.  find the “backup and Reset” from setting page and tap it.
  4. If you want your phone’s memory then tik for “Backup” (To backup, You must sign in to google account.)
  5. After that tap the ” Reset “
  6. Then it will shut down and start resetting. So wait.(Don’t off the phone at this time)
  7. After completed, it will restart then you can adjust the time and you can use it.

How do i factory reset my ZIGO

There is 2 ways. Soft reset and hard reset. We use Hard reset option.

Fellow these step with me

  1. Turn Off the Zigo phone. (if you can’t switch off the phone then remove the battery for 10 sec)
    2. press and hold volume up + power button for 7 Sec.
  2. Then choose “wipe data and factory reset” (are you sure, then ok)
  3. Now it will perform Reset on your phone.. please wait.

How to Factory Reset Zigo phone
Now you have to adjust date and time. then you can use your phone

If not work?

then try to reset from computer 

You can use this method with zigo eon 64i, zigo Eon 73i, zigo Eon 53i, zigo Nebula 8.1, zigo Eon 32i, zigo T331, zigo eon 43i , zigo eon 5i, zigo Nebula 6.9, zigo Eon 33i

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