How to Get Powerful Contextual Backlinks?


You must have heard of backlinks and know how important it is for SEO. But does contextual backlink ring a bell? You might not be familiar with these two words. I guess somehow it is not either a new thing to you. And How?

Contextual backlinks are like normal links but are attached to contents. I suppose you have embedded many times some links in your blogs or articles. If you haven’t, it’s still not a big deal. Even you are at the right place if you have come here with zero knowledge.

So, we are leaving here contextual backlink service as the easiest example. Backlinks connect a website with another website. Let’s connect the dots to know more about this.

Now, we’ll discuss how to get powerful contextual backlinks. Worried? You’ll not after reading the entire article.

How to get powerful contextual backlinks?

Below you will know how to earn contextual backlinks.

Guest Posts

Guest post blogging has been very popular and one of the first thoughts a person would think of to earn contextual backlinks.  Getting contextual backlinks via guest posts is, at the same time, effective and easy.

As you anchor your texts by choice, you control the audiences on which page they are being directed. If you knew what anchoring is, you got your answer. But we are not ending here to get contextual backlinks.


Earn interviews from websites. It is an easy way to get contextual links. Get a niche authority that interviews people. Once you have access, you can add there the theme of your business.

That will be helpful for your branding—these websites with specific niches interview experts on articles of their specialty. So, don’t delay sharing your expertise.

Writing for Broken Links

Search websites with broken links. Offer the site owners your contents. It is quite effective if you can provide high-quality articles. Getting a broken link is not that difficult as it seems.

You can get it simply and free Google Chrome extension. There is also Ahrefs if you can spend money on this. From Ahrefs, you will get more advantages besides getting broken links.

Editorial Links

If you add a link in an editorial article that is news-based, it will get you a contextual link. It is, at the same time, equally difficult. Try to get in touch with a journalist who needs expert opinion and quotes on a subject. If you can match your niche, it will be more trustworthy.

Look for Roundup Post

You can search the same types of posts and try to place one of your blog posts there. Then, wait for the response. Once the website owners find your blog value-adding to the readers, they will let your more posts in. These roundup posts will get natural contextual links.


Infographic is another effective way to get backlinks. It takes a lot of time to originate and publish, also not as easy as blog posts, but really worth to project.

Infographics are stronger links to get you what you want. On social media, this element is more expanded and easier than other techniques.

Is it important to get contextual backlinks?

No doubt, contextual backlinks are essential for SEO. But, one may wonder how a single factor can influence a vast field.

Here are some points for you if you were searching for the answers.

  • It makes your site more visible
  • More writers reach to you with more quality content that helps to bring more contextual backlinks
  • Even the company may reach you whom you mentioned in your contents and enhances your visibility
  • Your audience will find your website more trustworthy
  • You can offer more knowledge to more audiences which is your prime goal

To know that the knowledge about contextual backlinks is as important as getting them for SEO.


Now, you know what backlinks, contextual backlinks are and how to get powerful contextual backlinks. But, this is not the end. If you knew nothing about this topic before now, it was our pleasure.

If you think that you can go with this further, learn more. Knowledge is unlimited, so are opportunities. Work on your interests, relate them. Why not give it a try in your spare time?

Not necessarily it will start your own business. Still, others will get benefit from your knowledge sharing. Happy journey!

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