How to find EMEI Number on my phone

How to find EMEI Number on my phone-EMEI number stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. EMEI Number use to identify valid Device. Valid mean whether phone is Stolen unless unquality. Imagine that your phone has stolen. Then you can Contact your network provider and tell them to “Blacklist” the phone using your phone’s EMEI Number.fix your phone getting overheat -14 Reasons and answers

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Usually Every Smart phone, Android Phones, Apple, Nokia and all other phone’s have their own unique EMEI number. That IMEI is Life time have. If your phone doesn’t have EMEI Number, Then Definitely It is Chinese phone or unquality phone. So when you buy a phone, then must watch its EMEI Number. When you check your EMEI, If it appear “IMEI is locked to Device. And Not Working SIM Card. then Phone is stolen one. Though you change the SIM or Perform Factory Reset, the phone’s IMEI Number Will Not Change

EMEI Number has 15 Digits and other two digits are SV.  SV stand for software version. Also EMEI number tells us some information about phone (About device such as model, brand and etc )


How to find EMEI Number on my phone?  

IF your phone is lost?


Simply, Dial *#06# Or

  • Android Phone – IMEI Number Can Find Setting –> About phone
  • IOS I Phones – IMEI Number Can Find Setting –> About phone
  • Blackberry – Options –> Status


EMEI number is located also box of the phone