How to Factory reset ZTE phone

reset to ZTE phone

How to Factory reset ZTE phone

ZTE- Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment Corporation. ZTE is Chinese multinational telecommunication company it is founded in 1985 and headquarters is China. Hou weigui is the one who invented ZTE And according to Wikipedia, ZTE brand is one of top brand in china.

They have awsome phones like –

AXON mini, ZTE Star II, Blade S7, ZTE ZMAX, ZTE Grand S3,nubia prague s

However, today our topic is how to Factory reset ZTE phone. If you use phone then Resetting is a normal thing but if you new to ZTE then defiantly you are in a doubt. Today our hope is to satisfy your doubts.

Some emails from uses


Hi, I have ZTE phone, now I want to know how to reset it.
Hi, My ZTE phone required PIN number to reset.
My phone always gets stuck recently.


Why we want reset ZTE phone

We have to reset ZTE phone when it slow down.
We have to reset ZTE phone when it injected virus.
We have to reset when it got errors

How to perform normal reset to ZTE phone

Note- we strongly recommend you to get back up before doing this

  1. Go to phone menu and go to setting page.
  2. Find “backup and reset”
  3. Click Factory reset.
  4. Now it will start resetting so please wait!!

If you want your data then only put a tik for Backup. To do this you must sign Google account

How to perform Force Reset to ZTE phone

  1. Turn off your ZTE phone
  2. press and hold “Volume Up and Power button” untill appear ZTE logo
  3. select “wipe data/factory reset”
  4. press power key to enter.
  5. select “Yes — delete all user data”
  6. Press the Power to enter.


Note– Go down -volume down
Go up volume up
confirm – Power key


reset to ZTE phone


If not work?

Then try to reset from computer

Now your job is done. Now you have to wait until it restarts. When it resorts, adjust time and date.

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