(Last Updated On: February 5, 2022)

How to Reset HTC Desire Phone

How to Reset HTC Desire Phone. my HTC Desire- Model HTC Desire M7, HTC Desire M8, HTC Desire M9, HTC Desire One, HTC Desire 820, all HTC phones – you can reset this method.

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Chinese phone Reset 

There are Two Method of Resetting HTC phone.

1.Normal Reset.
2. Force Reset.

1.Normal Reset. Why we do Normal reset?

If your phone infected Virus program or phone is very slow, then you can use this. Normal Reset method performs through the phone setting. This is Basic method so some times this will not help, but most of times help. Ok let’s see how to do

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  1. Go to phone Setting
  2. Backup and reset
  3. If you want to restore your data after reset your phone? Then ad Google account.
  4. Perform Factory reset

Samsung phone Reset 

 1.Force Reset. Why we do force reset?

If your phone badly infected virus or can’t turn on the phone, then you can use this. Force reset method performs after phone off. In this method Force Format all thing in your phone except System files.
You can’t backup like Normal method. So if you want your Pictures Videos etc then upload them to cloud space or send to pen or something.

  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Press and hold home key + power key + Volume up key till appear HTC logo
  3. Then choose “wipe data factory reset” using volume up and down keys
  4. Click “Yes — Delete All User Data option”.
  5. Now it will format all things and restart your phone.

IF not works?

Then try to reset from Computer