Social media became a part of day-to-day life in the digital era of the 21st century even through there are numerous social media platforms. Instagram plays an major role in social media services.The main audience in this platform are the teenagers and the presence of influencer’s to actors and other people to whom teenagers are attracted towards which make Instagram such popular,with this it has a significance on the life of this generation,as it influences people with its user friendly and sharing services along with its branding and product selling features. 

         But out of it all has certain limitations such as we can’t access or download the videos, images or story that we certainly like or want to use in the future. But we obviously can’t download it directly through Instagram. As most people rely on taking a screenshot or browsing the internet to find the product or that particular stuff that is related to that post. 

         To help out in this issue that more than half of the Instagram users face ,we come up with a easy way and user friendly service by which you can download and access all the posts such as images,videos,stories and recently introduced reels,along with highlights, profiles and more using Instagram downloader you can get access all the photos to videos that are available in the Instagram. 

What is Instagram downloader : 

         To access or to download the Instagram content through the Instagram downloader all you have to do is to have a particular web link and copy it and add it to the particular web link option that is available individually for all the types that were found in Instagram in the downloader. Use the specific link and paste it in the links folder and use the download option available with this you  will be able to download that particular post. 


          This feature works for Instagram posts, videos,reels,highlights, stories ,profile images similarly, all you have to do is to use its links and access it and then you can download it , while doing this You can avail the feature of downloading it in its original pixel ratio or by decreasing it, for video you can get access to the original or low pixel ratio of the Same video.

The feature of compressing the pixel ratio works for all the features from compressing the pixel ratio of the images to videos to reels and stories and highlights. one more interesting feature that we offer is the download of the audio for story which isn’t available even in Instagram, it only saves the video uploaded on the story but not its audio or sound or music if it is additionally added in the Instagram but by using the link of that particular story you can now download  the story entirely with the same audio and video with the required clarity. 


 Download Instagram videos and images : 

Instagram reels downloader helps to download the reels that the person has posted. It can be downloaded from websites or applications from any devices like mobile phones, tablets,PC’s ,laptops. 


    Instagram downloader provides a great feature to download the photos that they are posted. It can be done through application or site by copying the related url link of the post and pasting it in the search box of the site.Then the photo will appear of the related post. This feature can be used for any posts that the user wants to download. 


         Instagram downloader also can be used to to download the videos present in Instagram, This feature is used to download the posted videos that the user wants as same as the photo downloader the user has to copy the web link of the video and paste it in the application to download it. 


     Instagram downloader helps the users to download the IGTV videos that are present in Instagram, By using  IGTV  downloader option we can download long videos with better quality.


Reels is a new feature in Instagram that was recently rolled out by meta. With the reels downloader option in the Instagram downloader you get to download your most liked reels whenever you want it. 


  Highlights are one of the fantastic feature offered by Instagram, with this we can set the stories to the profile even after 24 hours as they disappear but can be seen in the profile, with the highlights downloader you can download the previous uploaded highlights by copying its link and sharing it in the Instagram downloader. 


This feature can be accessed in all the versions of Instagram even though the user doesn’t have the latest version, Instagram downloader will still help you out in downloading the content that you need. Unlike other software, Instagram story  downloader is very user friendly and has various options from which the users can select the required ones according to their need. 

Along with these unlimited and free to use options Instagram downloader also is available in both web version and an app version so that the users can use it in both ways According to their preferences, which makes it the most useful and user friendly application that the users can use according to their requirement. 


Download your favorite Instagram content directly to your device through Instagram downloader anywhere and at any time.

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