How to Control PC from android phone

How to control PC from android phone

Yes it is possible thing. You can control your PC/ Laptop or any one’s PC /Laptop from your own android phone/any one’s android phone. Also you can use PC mouse, PC keyboard.

Actually this is important thing, Imagine now you are in out of home, you want some files from your computer but you can’t get them without come to home back. But now, you don’t need to come home again because you can access your computer or your laptop from your smart android phone.

For this, you can use 2 methods. One is popular method “Team weaver” another one is “Chrome Remote Desktop” we focus “Team weaver” in this post.

How to use my computer from my phone through the team viewer


  1. Download “team viewer and install on your Computer
  2. Go to plays store and download “Team viewer for Remote control” and install it
  3. Register giving your email and other required details
  4. Now enter your team viewer ID to that phone app.




5. Now give the password to it

6. follow these interactions

How to control Pc from android phone
How to control Pc from android phone

Now enjoy. Also you can Chat, Video Calls, as well as mouse is your finger, my first choice is Team viewer for Remote control


How to use my computer from my phone by using “Chrome Remote Desktop”

1. Go to plays store. Search “Chrome Remote Desktop” and download and install.


2. Get Chrome remote desktop extension
3. Now sign in Same ID in your two devices.
4. Create PIN number for your phone And PC (Same PIN)


Enjoy “Chrome Remote Desktop”.


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