How to connect keyboard to the smart phone

How to connect keyboard to the smart phone

In this post, you can learn how connect to keyboard/pen to the your smart phone/tab/notepad/

Sometimes We want a keyboard for smartphones/tabs..  because sometime we have to type big ..articles, something big..  bt it is not easy It gives a big pain to our fingers.. That’s why we would like to connect a computer keyboard with the phones/tabs..  but how..  how we connect computer keyboard to the phone or tab…  it is imposible?  Nooo now we can do it with OTG cable.. ?? what is the meaning of OTG?  OTG means “on the go” usb otg or we can say just OTG..

OTG is a connecting cable..






By this we can connect keyboard and pens with the smartphones/tabs.. bt make sure whether your smartphone is supported  to an OTG..  Then connect each other..  and start your typing..  is it easy?  If u have any problem please watch our video..  We are gogorapid

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