(Last Updated On: October 17, 2019)

How to charge your phone without wire (30 min only)

in our earth, all people have one common problem using smartphone. It is phone’s Battery life. No matter what brand you use,  So Samsung answered for this question.

they introduced new technology called “Fast Charge” it’s wireless charging system. This product is only £40.00. and you can buy it from Samsung site or eBay and other online store. Official site link

it does not give more battery life or something but Now you can charge your phone without wire and fast . only you have to put your phone onto this fast charging pad. then phone will charge.

Samsung says, their “Fast Wireless Charger” is “1.4x faster than other standard wireless charging pads” So that mean,this product reduce charging time by 50 minutes.

we invite you watch this video ” 30 Minute Charge Test”


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