(Last Updated On: October 13, 2022)

Reverse texting is a technique to change the appearance of a text in a reverse or mirror view. People use reverse texting to make their social media post more attractive and catchy. The text on your car’s windscreen or the text written on an ambulance is an example of reversing a text. In other words, changing the sequence of words from left to right is known as text reversing.

There are different methods and tools used to reverse the text, in this post, we have discussed two widely used methods to reverse the text easily and free of cost.

Method 1: Text Reversing Using Excel

You can reverse any text using excel sheets, MS Excel is available worldwide for free although some sort complex to use. Anyhow, let’s start learning text reversing via Excel.

Step 1:

Open MS Excel > Create a new blank sheet.

Step 2:

Press ALT + F11 simultaneously, and a pop-up window named (Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications) will appear. Find the add module option in the insert section of MS Visual basic.

Step 3:

Add the Exact code given below in the module section. 

Function Reversestr(str As String) As String

    Reversestr = StrReverse(Trim(str))

End Function

After inserting the code, close the MS Visual Basic Application and go back to yours excel sheet.

Step 4:

Create two columns in the excel sheet named the first column TEXT and the second column REVERSED. Write the text you want to reverse in the first column while pasting this formula:  =reversestr(A2) in the second column opposite to the respective cell you want to reverse.

NOTE: Alter the cell number you want to reverse while pasting the formula such as A2, A3, A4, etc. You can also drag the formula containing cell down the bottom to automatically adjust the cell number.

Method 2: Using an Online Tool

Reversing any text in Excel is a hectic task and can be difficult for naive users, but don’t worry there are several other easy ways to reverse text for free, fast, and efficiently. The reverse text generator is a tool to produce the words or letters given to it in a backward sequence. Text reverse has four different options:

  • Reverse Text.
  • Reverse Wording.
  • Flip Text.
  • Reverse word Lettering.

Step 1:

After opening the Text Reverse in your browser, you will see a text box in front of you asking you to enter some text you want to play with. There is no need to add formulas in this App, you need to enter some text in the dialogue box. Click on any of the given options and your text will be altered accordingly.

Step 2:

For an instance, let’s try adding some interesting words like (god a ward, desserts, and star).

Hit on the Reverse text button and see the magic, these words will still make sense even after being reversed.

  • desserts 🡪 stressed 
  • star 🡪 rats  

Some words don’t change even after being reversed like “racecar”.

  • racecar 🡪 racecar
  • civic 🡪 civic 
  • level 🡪 level

Why do people use text reversers?

9 out of 10 experts declared that text reversing is waste of time and has nothing to do with productivity. You can just play around with your friends by sending irregular texts or confusing your buddies with jagged sentences. If you are having tons of free time then text reversing is for you, you can find interesting words that remain unchanged even after being reversed.


We have mentioned two methods to reverse your text, first by using MS excel and the other by using the Text Reversing tool. Both methods are excellent to reverse text, although the second method is a bit easy.

Hope this post helps you and you enjoy reading it!