The first step in handling a car accident settlement is to hire a personal injury lawyer, as they are the most qualified to address legal problems. They’ll be even more crucial if the matter goes to trial.

After a serious injury, you’re meant to be in bed, even for the rest of your life. So, a personal injury lawyers are your go-to person to discuss your case during this crucial situation.

Let’s see how we can help you through the process. Keep reading.

How Do Car Accident Settlements Work?

When you face a car accident settlement, the state will ensure that you get the proper compensation to recover from the accident financially, economically, and medically.

In brief, after the accident, you need to file for the incident. Then inform your lawyer and follow suggestions. Next, the lawyer will try to arrange a meeting to settle the matter informally.

If that is not resolved there, the case will go to trial. This is how any car accident settlement works.

  1. Investigation of the car accident

You must be well rested after a personal loss and a severe injury. Aside from the trauma, traveling to court or meetings, dealing with paperwork, presenting arguments, etc., might be too much for your mental health.

As a result, having a personal injury lawyer on your side comes in helpful. The lawyer has to manage all of the trauma and workload on your behalf. So trust a lawyer and follow his suggestions.

  1. Consultation with the experts

If you are the first to face this kind of problem, you should talk to the experts or people met that problem before. You can take references from them. Hence go to the perfect choice of the law firm and take their suggestion.

Remember, do not hide or exaggerate anything to your lawyer. They are the ones that will be on your side during the process because you are paying for it.

  1. Talk Insurance company

In this journey, you have to fight hard with your insurance company. They will try to shorten your settlement money and check every possibility for insurance fraud. So, the best suggestion is to let your lawyer handle them the way they should.

For example, in-vehicle accidents, Tennessee is called a “fault” state. This implies that if you are hurt in a car accident, you have to go to the fault party’s insurance company to demand your compensation.

In these cases, sometimes the fault party has no insurance company whatsoever. Then you have to go to your own insurance company for the repair and medical bills.

  1. Informal settlement

Before going to the trial and facing the judge, you must take the informal chance to resolve everything. During that time, you can sit for an informal settlement with both of the parties.

Again, you can have a legal person or both of the party’s lawyers with you. They will hold the evidence that the argument is resolved and the demanded money was paid.

If the case doesn’t resolve to hear, you can go through the trial process. But fortunately, most of the cases get solved here.

  1. Filing the lawsuit

Typically, car accident cases are filed in the appropriate Circuit Court. This is the one in the county where the accident happened or where the responsible driver lives. If you and the insurance company can’t agree, you may have to take your claim to court.

  1. Negotiation

In a car accident settlement case, negotiation is the key. Don’t take the first offer anyone makes. Sometimes other parties deliberately do it to see your preparation.

Besides, they will try to give you less money. So prepare your arguments and wisely negotiate the amount and terms and conditions. If you can’t, appoint a lawyer for it.

  1. Trial

A lawyer can assist you in determining whether you should pursue a lawsuit in court or settle it out of court. A jury will provide a decision, and you can appeal against it.

Even if a jury returns a judgment in a case, settlement negotiations might continue. Your lawyer will help you in the next step of the journey.


You must be well rested after a personal loss and a severe injury aside from the trauma. As a result, having a personal injury lawyer on your side comes in helpful because it is the lawyer to handle all the tasks.

Even if you know how do car accident settlements work, hiring a lawyer is advantageous in many ways.