The effect of modern technologies on our lives cannot be underestimated. Students are surrounded by apps and technologies. If you exploit them on purpose and with care, they can simplify and organize your student life. The app measures your calories, you buy personal statement, a notification reminds you about a doctor’s appointment, you discuss party details in group chat, and so on. You don’t have to go anywhere, meet anyone, forget about anything. Everything is organized by you and for you in several clicks. Apps and programs help you organize your life and manage your time with no hurdles.

Manage Time

There is no need to set a hundred alarms on your wristwatch or phone anymore. Get the use of a smart program and manage your precious time to be academically and socially successful.

  • 30/30 – this free app for iOS devices will break your tasks into 30-minutes periods with breaks in-between. This will help you to track the time spent on specific assignments and enhance productivity. The application dashboard allows you to track the tasks completion and time spent.
  • Focus Booster – start for free, pay 3$ for an individual and $5 for a professional plan for any Android, Apple, or Windows device. The application breaks more significant tasks into smaller parts inserting pauses for relaxation with reminders. The dashboard displays the time you spent on each piece and enables you to track the performance and enhance productivity.

Enhance Productivity

Sometimes you strive more than time measurement and wish for some inspiration and productivity enhancement. There are some good programs to help you with that.

  • Evernote – organize your life with basic functions for free or extend the functionality for $34.99 – 69.99 a year. This program will assist you in getting your tasks, ideas, and plans in order. Store your assignments project performance, and notes. Add voice messages, photos, and notifications for more comfort.
  • Freedom – pay for your freedom $6.99 a month, $29 a year, or $129 for life-long use. Your productivity is not only about proper task managing but eliminating distractions as well. Freedom will help you disable access to certain apps, browser extensions, and websites for a set time. It operates on Apple and Windows devices, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers and their extensions.

Control Your Performance

The best thing to boost your productivity and reach success easier is apps to control your performance. There are plenty of programs to help you organize your to-do-lists and track performance, so there are some of the best ones.

  • Remember the Milk – you can exploit the program for free or subscribe for $39.99 a year for the pro version. The app helps you to create to-do lists for different purposes, prioritize tasks, and many more. You can get the program for Windows, Android, Apple, and Blackberry devices. It can also be synchronized with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Evernote, and other platforms to optimize your data and plans and get you reminded wherever possible.
  • MyLifeOrganized – get your life and studying organized for free, try out pro-version for free for 45 days and pay $24.99 – 59.99 per year, depending on the device. Set tasks and get them broken into steps automatically, grouped, reorganized depending on your priorities and circumstances. The app data can be synchronized on different devices, cloud-stored, and shared.

More Ideas

Apart from basic needs covered and assistance with time management, productivity boost, and performance control, there are many more applications to help you reach success and operate flawlessly. Here are some ideas on how apps can add to your fruitful results:

  • Motivational phrases and reminders
  • Inspirational and relaxing music lists
  • Password managers
  • Notes and pins keeper
  • Ideas generator
  • and so many more.

Since every student has different devices at hand, he/she has to get the most out of technologies to become more effective and productive. Get subscribed to motivational sources and time-management programs, have your tasks prioritized and organized, optimize your work with to-do lists, mind maps, and reminders.

Take your time to explore free and charged options to select the top efficient and usable ones. Always start with a trial version before paying for the pro plan. Use popular apps to avoid scams and data stolen.

Look thoroughly through the applications you need and make the proper choice to get your work, study, and personal life organized in the best way.