A lot of employees right now are aware that they have the right skills and knowledge to be essential for any company. There was a time when companies are usually chosen by people depending on how popular they are. Right now, companies always need to step up. They need to show potential candidates why they are the best company to work for.

This is the reason why recruitment marketing is important right now. There are a lot of people who are looking for the right companies to work for. If companies do not have the right recruitment process and if they are not interesting enough, talented and skilled candidates will look elsewhere.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing is the use of different marketing strategies in recruitment. When you market products, you are making sure that they will become needed by your target market. This means that they would be able to see why they need those products in their everyday lives.

This is the same when you are trying to market the job positions that your company can offer. You want to attract top talents that can provide what your company needs. Remember that a lot of employees search for the right jobs online. Gone are the days when they would go from one building to another to find a random job. Now, they know that they have to base the jobs that they would have on their knowledge and skills.

Many disciplines are similar between recruiting the right candidates and marketing products:

  • Knowing certain skills so that the news can spread to the right people.
  • Learning how to make sure that people are going to feel engaged with the things that are being offered.
  • Channels where the posts will be placed.
  • The use of certain tools to make the whole process seamless and more efficient.

Why is Recruitment Marketing Important for Employers?

Recruitment marketing is going to be important for employers because they know that talent attraction is essential. They need to find the right candidates that can be perfect for the job positions being offered by the company.

The role of recruitment marketing has also evolved greatly over the past years. Recruitment marketers are aware that communication is going to be important in the whole process. They need to be specific about who they are looking for in their job posts. Do you know that there are some people who will apply for jobs even if they only meet some of the requirements?

The more specific recruitment marketers are the more qualified people who will be submitting their resumes. This can lessen the amount of time that recruiters will spend trying to thumb through various CVs and resumes.

They can then screen candidates who can be a good fit for the company. Doing this will not only speed up the recruitment process but can also lessen the money that the company will spend on hiring. A lot of resources are used up when finding the right people.

Difference Between Recruitment and Recruitment Marketing

Some people assume that these two things are the same. They may have some similarities but their differences will allow companies to know why they should start doing recruitment marketing soon.

A lot of organizations are beginning to see the similarities between recruitment and marketing. You have also learned more about it in the first part of the article.

When you say recruitment, you are simply focused on finding people who can fill up the available job positions. Recruitment marketing is different. You are going to work on targeting the right people who will apply for the available job positions. It will be easy for people to apply for certain jobs. Yet, you need people who are qualified.

Some of the things to take note of are the following:

  • When you are doing recruiting, you are going to spend more time on it. There are a lot of interviews that need to be done. With recruitment marketing, less time will be spent as the candidates will already have what it takes to work for the company effectively. In recruitment marketing, there are different relationships that are focused on all at once.
  • With recruitment, you are doing a short-term fix. This means that you are only trying to fill in one job position at present time. With recruitment marketing, this is more of a long-term fix. If there are some people who will not fit some of the job positions at present time, they may be contacted again for other job positions in the future.
  • Recruitment marketing does not stop with hiring unlike recruiting. With recruitment marketing, you constantly have to make sure that your employees are happy with what they are doing. From the time that they are still applicants to the time when they are already working for the company, constant communication will be essential.


The details that you have learned will help you know the difference between recruitment and recruitment marketing. At the same time, you may also realize why recruitment marketing will be important at this point in time.