How to fix “Unable to format my micro SD card”

Hi, today our guide line forces about “Windows was unable to complete the format” problem and also formatting errors. There are 100 of SD card brand in the word like Kingston, Transcend Ultimate, SanDisk Extreme, Panasonic, Lexar, Verbatim, Sony, Fujifilm, PNY, integral but this error is not SD card error. It May be Virus or something. Whatever it is, in this post, we are going to solve your problem so go ahead

We have received some email from our users asking about this matter,


“I have a Kingston micro SD card. I used it for my digital camera, MP3 player, Yesterday when I connect it to my computer, it says “Format your pen drive” I don’t know to open without format so I try to format. But pen did not format. Now what to do? I want this SD card.”

“Hi, My Samsung android phone SD card can’t format. Computer says “Windows was unable to complete the format” I tried FAT file system and also NTFS file system. And I used Quick format option and without quick option. But result is same. How to repair my Micro SD card now”

“Hi, I have HTC Desire phone. Its memory card does not work. HTC phone says format it but can’t format. I think this is virus. Am I right? I connect it to my laptop. Laptop says “Windows was unable to complete the format” Now I want to how do I get my data back and repair my SD card.”


Why I cannot format my Micro SD card

Virus infection

When you download something like game, MP3, Video or something, It can also Download some virus without your knowledge.  In this time, you can’t control your memory. Memory act crazy.

Storage device damage

If you memory card have a physical damage then, you can’t to do anything to repaire. So you had better get new one.

Storage devices have bad sectors

It means the sector is damaged and can’t be written or read anything.  Read means you can’t see anything on the SD card. (Files have miss placed). Write means- you can’t copy and paste to you Micro SD card anymore.

Check – Disk is write-protected

You had better this full article about Disk is write-protected


Format via Disk Management

Remember, you drive latter. (E, R, G, F whatever)

Then go to Command prompt (CMD). And open it – to open, go to RUN and type CMD and enter.

Types “diskpart”. Then it will open new window.

Unable to format my micro SD card

Type “list disk” then it will show you all your disks.

Now select your SD card.  If your drive is disk 4, then type Disk 4”. The it will scanned and fix all damaged sectors. Also memory will be formatted during scanning. After completed, new partition need to be created.

Types “create primary partition” and enter to create new partition.

After, type format /FS:FAT32R:  Note – R is drive’s letter.

Your SD card will be formatted to FAT file system and the formatting is very fast. Is it?

Format via Disk Management

Connect your memory card to your computer. And open computer management window. (you can open it through the search box.

Go to “disk management”

Choose you drive and right click on it. Select format

Then it will start format you SD card quickly.

Unable to format my micro SD card

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