When a person has a complication with a family member, especially the spouse, it’s never something to be happy. The situation worsens once you have to look for a lawyer to reach a settlement. But is it all?

Generally, it will take your time and money to get your job done in court. Sometimes, money becomes the major issue why a person steps back from filing a case. So, no doubt, the right to get justice is lost instantly.

But, if you are from Winnipeg, don’t worry. It won’t be tough to find an affordable family lawyer in Winnipeg who will fight for your case.

Why do you need an affordable family lawyer?

If you are looking for a family lawyer, you must have faced several issues. It is not always about an affordable lawyer. The major thing is that when you need an affordable lawyer. And why?

Fees and other expense

Cost reduction is always a considerable matter. But, it becomes more crucial while going through cases like separation, child support, spousal support, property, parental control, etc.

And, no wonder, while dealing with these cases, the first thing that will appear in mind is money and actually how much do you have.

Though you don’t have that much money, you need a lawyer

Suppose you have a case running that is about child protection. It’s not often possible for all, especially a single parent, to manage all the money a case requires. And, we don’t know how long a case may take.

These types of cases cause mental traumas that make us fragile. Thus the situation demands a lawyer. So, before giving up halfway, try once more. There is plenty of affordable family lawyer in Winnipeg, as well as all over Canada.

It is true that an expensive lawyer can save your money and time. But, that doesn’t deny the success of those lawyers who would support you at your convenience. Most importantly, you must choose the right lawyer. Talk to your close ones, especially those who have gone through such a crisis.

How to get an affordable family lawyer?

There are both direct and indirect ways to take support from a family lawyer, which will be affordable for you.

Hiring a newly licensed lawyer

A new lawyer is always determined to gain a name. As they are fresh graduates, they will have good command over a variety of knowledge.

Moreover, a newly licensed lawyer will spend more time on your case and with more effort than you can expect from an experienced lawyer. And, the good news is, it’s affordable.

Contingency Fee

A lawyer who charges a contingency fee can be proven affordable for you when you have a shortage of money. In this case, the lawyer will only receive a percentage of your gain from the case.

Most of the time, the amount is one-third of the settlement amount. But, some cases also don’t allow contingent fees. So, enlighten yourself with relevant knowledge.

Free Legal Advice

If you cannot hire a lawyer, it’s not the end of the world. It’s never a good idea either to give up and pack the baggage. A lawyer can provide you with legal information. It will help you understand what your legal rights are and other legal processes.

You’ll find more options as the information can always take you one step ahead in every field. So, don’t hesitate and dial in to contact a lawyer. No doubt you might find out more ideas other than hiring an affordable family lawyer in Winnipeg.

There are several other sources you can check for free legal advice –

  • Legal Websites
  • Free Hotlines
  • Local Aid Societies
  • Court Websites
  • Bar Association Websites
  • Public Library, etc.


It is the primary impulse to contact a lawyer when someone finds a situation that is not manageable socially or personally. But some people find it difficult or even impossible because of the availability of money.

Sometimes a case gets out of a person’s league while legal intervention is needed to solve a family issue. And, you know why. So, the solution is hiring an affordable family lawyer.

Finally, if you are going through such complexity, don’t lose hope. Be patient – the solution is there. Many experienced lawyers are ready to help you with your case, and of course, that will be affordable.