How to factory reset positivo phone

How to factory reset positivo phone

How to reset android phone from Computer  Click

How to factory reset positivo phone- Positivo is good brand in Brazil and also positivo is made in Brazil. thought positivo does not popular in world, Positivo has good condition and it is a user friendly phone and it can go with world’s top brand.. so if you use positivo android phone then you should know how to reset or factory reset your positivo phone.. actually you must know that why we wrote this post to help you..

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“Hi, How to reset my positivo phone”

“positivo s450 i have, and how to reset it”

“How do i reset positivo octacore”


Why we want o reset positivo android phone.

We reset the phone mainly.
We reset positivo phone When Phone injected virus.
We reset positivo phone When phone slow down.
We reset positivo phone When we sell the phone.
If mic- speaker does not work then we have to reset and check whether mic, speakers are fine

You can use this method for – 

Positivo Quattro, Positivo Selfie, Positivo X400, Positivo S550, Positivo S500, Positivo S460TV, Positivo S450, Positivo S440, Positivo S380, Positivo Octa Pret, Positivo S550 Kids, Positive Ypy S350 and all other android positivos

How do i reset my positivo phone..

1. turn off the positivo phone
Note – Phone must have 50%+ battery and hold “volume up key” and the “power button” untill recovery mode

3.choose “Wipedata / factory reset” by pressing Volume down key. the reset – use “power key” (comfirm with power key) “YES – delete all user

6.Now wait!!

how to factory reset positivo phone
Now job is finished. After restart, adjust time and date.. after that you can use your phone without any problem.. as wel as if our post help for you then please share this over the facebook twitter and other social media networks and we recommend you to bookmark us on your browser. If you have any doub or problem please ask us with screen shots..

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