How to Enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy C7

Here is a Dedicated post for you all showing how to enter Recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy C7. Recovery mode is one of the best powerful hidden parts of your Samsung Galaxy C7. There are two types of recovery mode – “Stock Recovery and Custom Recovery”. You can use Recovery mode for, deleting the cache partition, factory reset the phone, applying updates from ADB, boot to bootloader, Installing Stock Rom, Installing Custom Rom.

NoteFlash Stock Rom without Recovery mode


If you are searching how to enter Recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy C7 then you are on right web site and below  we mentioned 3 methods for entering to the recovery mode. If you have a problem entering the recovery mode then we can help you to fix that too. 

Enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy C7 (Method 1)

This is the standard method for booting to recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy C7. In this method, Just pressing few buttons will help you to go to the recovery mode.

  1. First, Turn off your Device. (by pressing power button)
  2. After the Turn off, Press and Hold Volume Up + Home + Power  buttons together.
  3. Press these buttons until you see the recovery mode.

Enter recovery mode on Samsung galaxy

Boot recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy C7 (Method 2)

If you are a beginner to android OS then you can use this app. If you have any problem with entering the recovery mode by pressing above combination then you can use below third party application.

This is a convenient way to boot Recovery mode. But this app required root access. If you have root access then Download and boot to recovery.

Go recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy C7 Using  PC

This is our third method of entering Recovery mode. You can use this app if you can’t do above two methods. You don’t need root access for this but you will need a Computer. If your Volume button, Power button don’t work then this will help you more.

  1. Download Drivers and Fasboot  to your computer.
  2. Extract them to your computer.
  3. After that, Connect Samsung Galaxy C7 to your PC or Laptop.
  4. Enable USB Debugging, developer mode.
  5. Now click the “ADB.exe and fastboot.exe and install them.
  6. Now, click the Runme.bat then it will open on CMD window. type this.

adb reboot recovery

6. Then you can see that your phone will reboot to recovery mode.

I can’t enter to recovery because phone restart itself

A : It may be your phone case is pressing on some keys. So, first remove the case and Clean around Volume key. If not, you can use CMD method. If not work, Flash Stock Rom

Recovery Mode NO COMMAND

A : If you see “NO COMMAND” on Samsung Galaxy C7 recovery menu, then your recovery image was damaged. this happen after OTA update and some other reasons. Now you have to Flash Stock Recovery again. If you have CWM or  twrp then Flash whole Stock Rom.

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