How to Enable Safe mode on Samsung galaxy J1 Nxt

Safe mode on Samsung galaxy

Safe mode on Samsung galaxy J1 Nxt

Actually “safe mode” is very important thing on Samsung galaxy J1 Nxt because if your phone has an unknown problem like error message, Sound Problem, Mic Problem,Vibrate problem, Sensor problem or something, If you want to check whether the problem has come from your installed app, your pre-installed app or Stock Rom.

Why I want to Go Safe mode on Samsung galaxy J1 Nxt

Imaging that you have a Sound problem. Then When you start your troubleshooting, you can Switch on your phone with Safe mode. When you enable safe mode, that means, phone has disabled all the third party apps.. while safe mode only works on system apps. So, you can get a decision easily. after identifying the error you can exit Safe mode on Samsung galaxy J1 Nxt.

How to enter Safe mode on Samsung galaxy J1 Nxt

  1. If you want to Turn on safe mode, then you have to Switch off your phone. Don’t reboot please tap power off to off your phone. After the vibrate you can go down to Step 2.Safe mode on Samsung galaxy Grand prime
  2. Now, Switch ON your Samsung galaxy J1 Nxt by pressing the power Button.
  3. Wait until you see the android logo or Samsung logo. As soon as you see the logo, press and hold the Volume Down button on your phone.
  4. After switching on. release the Volume Down button. Now you should be on Safe mode. you can check it whether you are on safe mode or not. If you are on Safe mode then, There is a water mark is displayed on the left corner of your Samsung galaxy J1 Nxt.

Safe mode on Samsung galaxy

How to Disable Safe mode on Samsung galaxy J1 Nxt

  1. If you want to Turn off Safe mode then Turn off your phone by pressing the power button.
  2. After that, Switch ON your Samsung galaxy J1 Nxt. (Don’t press any key).
  3. Not only that, There is another Option on your notification bar to Disable Safe mode.

Safe mode on Samsung galaxy


Q : My Samsung galaxy J1 Nxt Turns on the Safe Mode always. I don’t want safe mode and I want to go the normal mode.

A : It may be your phone case is pressing on Volume Down key. So, first remove the case and Clean around Volume key.

A : remove your battery. If it does not work? then go to this link.

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