(Last Updated On: April 18, 2022)

If you have a Windows PC with something like a touchscreen display, you can use the Touch Keyboard in Windows 11. Microsoft improved the Touch Keyboard with Windows 11, including an emoji panel, voice typing capabilities, themes, and more.

How to Enable and Use Touch Keyboard on Windows 11? read this until the end.

Furthermore, the Touch keyboard in Windows 11 offers a plethora of customization options, including the capacity to alter the keyboard size, theme, background, & key text size. In this post, we’ll show you how to enable, use, & customize the Windows 11 Touch Keyboard. So, let’s get this party started.


It is simple to enable the Touch Keyboard in Windows 11. Here’s how you do it. 
1: Select Taskbar settings from the context menu when you right-click the Taskbar.

Open Taskbar Settings on Windows 11

2: In the resulting Settings window, expand Taskbar corner icons and toggle the switch next to the Touch keyboard.

Enable Touch Keyboard on Windows 11

When you finish the preceding steps, a small keyboard icon will appear here on Taskbar. You can easily access a Touch Keyboard by clicking on it.

Access On Screen Keyboard on Windows 11


After you’ve opened the Touch Keyboard, users can begin typing with your mouse cursor or touch input. Users could also use the gear icon to switch to handwriting mode & write with a stylus or a mouse.

Handwriting Mode in Touch Keyboard

Likewise, clicking on the mic icon activates the text-to-speech feature.

Use Mic on On Screen Keyboard

In addition to the various input methods, clicking the Recent icon gives you access to emojis, GIFs, symbols, as well as the clipboard history.

Use Emojis on Touch Keybaord

After typing with the Touch Keyboard, close it by clicking on the cross mark or pressing any key on your physical keyboard.

Close Touch Keybaord

On the Touch Keyboard, you can also switch between different languages. To do so, you’ll need to first add new languages to the PC.
1: Launch the Settings app & navigate to the Time and Language tab in the left pane. Then select Language and Region.

Language Region Settings on Windows 11

2: After that, click the Add a language button.

Add New Language on Windows 11

3: Scroll through the available languages in the following window or use the search tool at the top to find one‟s preferred language. After you’ve decided on a new language, click Next.

Choose New Language on Windows 11

4: Finally, click Install.

Install New Language

5: After installing the preferred keyboard language, launch the Touch Keyboard and select the language icon to switch between languages.

Change On Screen Keyboard Language on Windows 11


Windows 11 also includes a few options for personalizing the Touch Keyboard experience.

1: Launch the Touch Keyboard and select the gear icon on the left.

2: Navigate to the Keyboard layouts section and choose one of the available layouts.

Change On Screen Keyboard Layout on Windows 11

Modify the Keyboard Size
 1: To open the Settings app, press Windows key + I. Select Touch keyboard from the Personalization tab.

Touch Keyboard Settings on Windows 11

2: To change the size of the keyboard, use the slider next to Keyboard size.

Modify Size of On Screen Keyboard on Windwos 11

To preview the keyboard, click the Open keyboard button.

Open On Screen Keyboard on Windows 11

Alter the Keyboard Themes
 1: Go to the Start menu, type Touch Keyboard settings, & hit Enter.

Open Touch Keyboard Settings on Windows 11

2: Expand the Keyboard topic section & browse the list to select a theme.

On Screen Keyboard Themes

If you can’t find a suitable theme among the presets, you can create customized theme from this page. To do so, choose Custom theme and then click the Edit button.

Custom On Screen Keyboard Theme

Each element of the Touch Keyboard can be customized. The color and transparency of window, keys, as well as key text can all be changed.

Customize On Screen Keyboard on Windows 11

You can also personalize your keyboard by selecting a custom image. To do so, go to the Window tab and choose Picture from the ‘Personalize your background’ drop-down menu. Then click ‘Choose your image’ to upload it from your computer.

Set Custom Picture as Background on Windows 11

As you make these changes, they will be reflected in the Theme preview at the top.
Change the size of the key text and the background.
To change the Key text size, go to Keyboard theme and select the drop-down menu next to it. Similarly, you can enable or disable the Key background by toggling the switch.

Change Key Text Size


As we’ve seen, there’s a lot you can do with your Windows 11 Touch keyboard. While touchscreen laptops can make the most of the situation, a virtual keyboard can be extremely useful when your physical keyboard on your keyboard stops working.