(Last Updated On: September 24, 2021)

Almost every company is prone to experiencing identity theft. The ratio of scams is increasing day by day and the reason behind it is the companies lacking effective identification methods to authenticate their users in an efficient way. The two major businesses that are facing scams are the banks and the age-restricted industries. Both are sensitive in their nature considering the nature of the work they are doing. E-verify documents are the solution to the challenges of identity theft. 

Banks and age-restricted sites are susceptible to experiencing online scams. Banks being related to maintaining funds of users are the hit list for criminals to perform scams to get illegitimate monetary gains. Age-restricted websites being involved in age-exclusive products are required to limit children from accessing them. Online Document Authentication during e-verify documents is the only method businesses can acquire their goal of developing users’ trust. 

E-Verify Documents –  How Do Companies Verify Documents?

E-verify documents incorporate all the steps to identify users on the basis of ID documents. Documents for identity proof possess all the government-issued documents such as driving licenses, ID cards, and passports. 

Documentation verification services provider requires the customers to upload their documents during customer enrollment. This is an easier method, all users have to do is upload any government-issued ID document. The state-of-the-art OCR software fetches data from the document and performs the analysis. 

E-verify documents have eased the way businesses used to perform the identification of their customers. Online document verification portal helps the businesses as well as customers to take full advantage of the digital services that otherwise would cause both the parties to put extra efforts to complete the process.  

Age-restricted Platforms Deploying E-Verify Documents 

Children, as well as the vendors, face severe results if the age-restricted industries show any carelessness to identify the ID of the users. Age-restricted businesses eventually have to pay heavy fines if they fail to comply with regulations designed to limit minors. 

E-verify documents assist companies to authentically verify children so that the businesses do not have to get into any trouble in case of non-compliance. On the age-restricted sites, at the time of customer enrollment, such age-exclusive websites require the customers to display their ID documents. Once displayed the document, the software identifies the age while comparing the age on the document to that manually submitted by the users. At times, the websites in question also ask their customers to upload their selfies to match against the face of the customer to that of the picture present on the ID document. This e-verify documents method is the best way for age-restricted websites to make sure that no minor can access the services designed for adults and in this way they save themselves from getting into any trouble in case of non-compliance. 

Benefits of E-verify Documents to Industries 

There are a lot of documents like passports, ID cards, and driving licenses to identify the authenticity of users. It benefits companies in the following ways:

  • Combat Identity Theft

E-verify documents are the solution for companies to counter identity theft by recognizing consumers on the basis of documents. 

  • Authentic Result Driven Services 

Document identification combined with facial recognition plays an important role to provide genuine results of user confirmation. 

  • Enhancing B2C Trust

Document identification enables companies to develop a trustworthy connection between themselves and their users. 

  • Customer Satisfaction

Consumers, while enjoying an interrupted experience without having to go through hectic processes, become satisfied with their organizations’ e-verify documents for them. 

  • Reputation 

Businesses, when they do not link themselves with any type of theft, improve their reputation in the corporate world. 

  • Smooth Customer Experience 

The document identification process is an easy process that provides businesses a chance to have their customers build trust in them. 

  • Compliance 

Compliance professionals keep an eye on the companies to identify if they are following all the designed regulations. In case of non-compliance, companies have to face heavy fines that can cause them to lose their reputation in the market. 

Winding It Up

Identity document verification is the best solution for companies to identify their users in an effective way. Imposters use many methods to mold or alter the identity documents to make them beneficial for them. In case of non-compliance with the e-verify documents, companies can easily become fools in the hands of fraudsters who are sophisticated enough to alter documents in a method that can conveniently deceive the human eye.