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Did you drop your phone or tablet in the water? Here’s how to get the water out and save your device

Dropped Phone or Tablet: There will issue if you leave your phone or tablet turned on. Switching it off immediately may save your device. In fact, there are several steps you can take to remove water from your tablet or phone and keep it from being destroyed.

Help! My Tablet Has Become Wet and Won’t Turn On!

When your phone or tablet gets wet, you must act quickly. Water and electricity do not mix; a wet device could short out and cause an electric shock. Water can damage the screen and seep into the bezels, slots, under the screen, and battery cavity. Basically, allowing your phone or tablet to get wet is a bad idea that necessitates quick action. To summarize, stop attempting to turn it on. If you ever want to see the phone working again, you must allow it to dry out.

Have you ever dropped your phone or tablet in water? Switch it off

You’re sitting on the edge of the pool on your tablet, reading the latest Nicholas Sparks novel, when… Splash. You threw your tablet into the water! YIKES! What should you do if you get your iPad wet? Is it possible to save an iPad from water damage? The short answer is yes! Fortunately, there are some methods we will share to save a wet tablet. Continue reading to learn how to save your tablet if it has been dropped in water.

You could be out and about when the phone gets wet, or you could be at home or at work. In either case, you’ll need to find a flat, dry surface to work on for the next few steps. Failure to complete the following steps as soon as possible will result in a permanently damage phone or tablet.

Immediately Dry Everything You Can

Immediately Dry

Fortunately, phones and tablets not easily separate. If they did, they’d probably fragment with each drop! However, in addition to the battery, the following items can be removed:

  • Retrieve the SIM card, dry it with a paper towel, and keep it somewhere safe.
  • Remove and dry the removable micro SD card. Please keep in mind that not all devices will have a removable SD card.

The reason for this is straightforward: water gets everywhere! By removing these two cards, you can use tissue paper to soak up any remaining water in the slots.

Phone or Tablet Drying

Don’t limit yourself to SIM and SD card slots. Any water found on your turned-off device should be blotted up as soon as possible. Ensure that all water droplets around the display’s edge are absorbed. Check around any screw holes and bezels, as well as anywhere else on the outside of your phone or tablet.

This is as dry as you will be able to get without disassembling the device. In addition, opening the phone or tablet is risky. You’ll only end up allowing moisture to enter the mainboard and other components.

Immediately Dry

4 Methods for Getting Water Out of a Phone or Tablet

Processors, circuit boards, and button rockets are all places where water can find a home and cause damage inside a smartphone or tablet computer. However, if you quickly turn off your waterlogged device and remove the SIM and micro SD card, you should ables to recover the device.

The “Air it Out” Technique

Look around for places with air movement. Hopefully, you’re inside by now, or in some other location where the phone won’t get wetter. Your primary goal at this point is to evaporate whatever liquid remains inside. A fan is ideal, but a laptop, cable box, or television all have exhaust vents. You don’t want dirty air blowing onto your phone, so wipe down the fan blades or air vents to remove any visible dust and dirt.

a serving of rice

a serving of rice

A bowl of dry, uncooked rice is likely to be the most effective remedy for any water damage to your phone or tablet, though you may still need to visit the neighborhood convenience store. The food will absorb almost all the moisture overnight, so you’ll need to pack it into a container big enough to hold your hardware and a good layer of rice about 1 inch on all sides but once you do, you’ll have a fully functional device.

Lots of Silica Gel

Lots of Silica Gel

Do you save the silica packets that come with most electronic products? Hoping your hoarding wasn’t in vain, place your phone or tablet in a box with enough silica gel sachets to cover the device completely on all sides, and leave it overnight.

Absolute Alcohol

The use of pure alcohol is a final recommendation that has shown to be effective. If water damage to your device is the result of fundamental physics, then submerging an off device in rubbing alcohol is the result of fundamental chemistry. When you remove the device from the liquid, the alcohol will evaporate because it has replaced the water. Even though it is a drastic measure, it can be helpful if all other options fail.

Find a Service to Repair Water Damaged Tablets

Consider a repair if none of the solutions above work or if you are unable to locate any rice or even a warm place. Some phone shops will handle water damage, despite the cost (and possible time waste).

own an iPhone or an iPad? It probably makes sense to pay for Apple Care since it should cover you for two incidents of accidental damage, including water damage if you have Apple Care+. You must confirm that the insurance you purchased for your phone or tablet covers the damage for non-Apple devices.

Keep Your Phone or Tablet Out of the Water!

These fixes are only for improbable situations. Keep your smartphone and tablet dry! A few sprinkles of rain are acceptable; any more could be disastrous.

These solutions are just solutions that are “potential” rather than “actual.” Although they demonstrate to work, none is guaranteed. Consider these safer techniques as a result:

  • Use caution when using a phone or tablet near a bathroom, sink, or shower.
  • Keep your device out of the bathroom (steam from a hot shower can condense and cause water damage).
  • No matter how much it cost you, treat your hardware with respect. It will expensive and time consuming to get a replacement.
  • Get a water-resistant phone. The most recent iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models are among the models that can withstand brief submersion in water.


Is it possible to dry out a tablet?

Fill a large container halfway with uncooked rice and bury your tablet with at least an inch of rice on all sides. If you leave the device there for at least 48 hours, the rice should absorb any residual moisture, leaving you with a fully functional tablet.

How long does it take to dry out a phone?

To hasten the drying process, position a fan to blow on the phone. Resist the urge to test the phone’s functionality; instead, let it air dry for at least 24 hours, preferably 48, before turning it on.

Can I dry my phone with a hairdryer?

Don’t: Using a hairdryer, dry the phone.

The heat from a hairdryer is excessively hot. This can harm the device’s delicate electronic components. Also, avoid putting your smartphone near (or worse, in) a hot oven or on a radiator.

class="wp-block-heading">Does it cause any damage if you drop your phone?

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The internal parts of your smartphone may sustain severe damage if you drop it onto a hard surface. Even if the incident ends without a cracked screen, there’s a chance that you may have damaged the logic board, which has a variety of connectors and other parts soldered to it.

Is it effective to put a phone in rice?

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On numerous websites, it advises placing wet electronics in a bag of uncooked rice to draw the water out. But, according to Beinecke, that is ineffective and may also cause the phone to pick up dust and starch.

How do you locate a lost phone?

The Find My Device feature, which can access in a browser or downloaded from the Google Play Store and is integrated into your Android smartphone through Google Play Services, is the simplest way to find a lost Android phone. This feature is compatible with the majority of Android 2.3 or later devices.


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