If your Phone does not Switch On, need repair, Brick, need unroot or need Rollback Then you Are in right Page. first, Choose right Stock FirmwAre for your Kata Phone. After ThAt, go Back To guide And Flash. If your One is not Available Then Please Comment. If you have Any Kata Stock Rom Please give it To us

you Can Download All Below Stock Firmwares from These One Of Link –  Link 1

  1. Kata C2
  2. Kata C1
  3. Kata I5
  4. Kata I3s
  5. Kata M2
  6. Kata M4s
  7. Kata I3
  8. Kata V5
  9. Kata I4
  10. Kata M3
  11. Kata F1s
  12. Kata F2
  13. Kata M1
  14. Kata F1
  15. Kata Venus 3
  16. Kata IDroid
  17. Kata C3
  18. Kata I1
  19. Kata I2
  20. Kata IDroid S
  21. Kata B1
  22. Kata Digital I2
  23. Kata M2l
  24. Kata Tmini 2
  25. Kata Tmini 3


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