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Augmented Reality gives a three-dimensional view of an automobile’s design and features. It helps buyers choose the vehicle that matches their needs and desires right from any place without even actually visiting a showroom. When people visit a car showroom and don’t find the vehicle model which they came looking for, they could simply use AR to explore the same one even though its not there. AR helps customers to make quick and easy buying decisions. AR makes the shopping experience more memorable as customers get to visualize every detail of the products rather than seeing pieces of information and few images on print and screen. 

Vehicle Navigation through AR

AR plays a role in giving vehicle navigation support that is accurate and without distracting the drivers. AR gives a much better visualization of the route than simple online navigation. With the internet and many other data such as location, speed, 3d imaging etc. AR can develop and demonstrate interactive and more accurate navigation. AR Navigation can be very much useful during night and when the visibility of the path ahead becomes less. It is possible that in the future, cars would have holographic navigation produced by AR technology. AR also excites the drivers as it is not boring and traditional. Even for self-driving cars, AR navigation is used. 

AR in automotive repair and maintenance

AR can also help with identifying and giving better solutions for any problem related to automotive repair and maintenance. At difficult times when the vehicle couldn’t be brought to a garage for repair, the drivers themselves would be able to understand the problem with the detailed information displayed through an AR solution. The first step would be to identify the problem. After that, it’s time to fetch all the relevant data that supports resolving the problem. The driver or the technician could use AR to find steps to solve the problem. Fusion VR is a leading customer focused VR, AR and Industry 4.0 solutions company in India, and it is also actively focused on providing AR solutions to the Automotive Industry. AR apps for vehicle repair instructions use graphics to be superimposed on the surface through the camera. This aspect helps in a better understanding, faster learning and better solving techniques among those who learn automotive repair and maintenance. 

Like any other field, the automotive industry also uses AR to drive sales and increase customer-brand relationships. Now it’s easier to have 3D product manuals than bulky and boring booklets. AR apps provided by the automotive industry helps car owners to find solutions in no time for most problems. AR is also used in the automobile manufacturing industry during assembly, design etc. It provides skill development instructions as it gives a better understanding. Also, it can display the vehicle’s speed, safety instructions and warnings while driving. Many AR companies provide quality service in developing all AR related apps and services. Technologies like AR are solution-oriented changes that are being adopted widely. It also gives practical solutions to any problems and something will be easy to implement with a smartphone. With the advancement in this technology, it is expected that AR will be playing a more prominent role in delivering a better driving experience for customers and increased efficiency in manufacturing.