People are obsessed with closets and cupboards because they like organisation. Also, one of the best things about organisation is that it saves time. A furnished and well-organised closet and cupboard means that you’ll get easy and quick access for all items and clothing. Also, if your closet is well-organised then everything is quite visible and is within reach. Along with that, the best thing about cloth management is that it saves money. When you can keep everything within your reach, then those products are more inventoried for use.

No wonder people obsess over closets since they are viable in keeping your clothes fresh and pressed too. Organisation really makes your life easier day-by-day. Less mess, means more productivity. Chaos and unorganised stuff will bring you no good and in fact load up more stress on you. If you have been looking to organise your clothes and accessories in a small room, then the best option for you is to get a metal or a wooden closet installed. In fact, it is super-easy to install a metal closet in your room.

Do it yourself with a metal closet

You need to make sure that you have certain tools by your side before you decide to assemble a metal closet. The tools that are required to build a metal closet are: measuring tape, woodworking level or water level, rotary hammer drill, and guide. Apart from this, the materials that are required to assemble a metal closet are: rails, corbels, screws, and hooks.

Ways to assemble a metal closet

– You need to measure the dimensions of the space where you need to place the closet. You can not go wrong with this. Then you need to choose the cabinet configuration as per your needs.

– After that you need to position the guide by starting at the top. Make sure that this should be as per the configuration of the selected closet. 

– Then mark the main points that you need to drill in the metal cabinet. Then you need to insert a screw from the centre of the guide, with the help of your rotary hammer drill.

– Make sure to balance the fence with the level and then insert the remaining screws in it. Along with that, you must secure the rails to the guide and then the screw to the wall through the rail holes.

– After you are done with the above mentioned procedure, do not forget to insert shelf brackets into the rail. After that, secure the shelves to brackets and then attach the bar hooks. Lastly, place the bars and you are ready to go.

Want to get a wooden closet installed? Here are the tools you’ll need!

A wooden closet can genuinely help you keep your clothes and accessories organised. But if you have been looking for ways to organise a wooden closet all by yourself, then here are some best ways as advised by the platform of Home Depot.

– Find your tools to assemble a wooden cabinet

Make sure you have the right tools to assemble a wooden cabinet by yourself. The most required tools are stud locator, hand saw, Hammer, measuring tape, Squad, circular saw, and Screwdriver. Along with that, do not forget that you’ll need the right materials to assemble your wooden cabinet, too. Those are finish Nails (6d and 8d)

1 x 3 inch board, a sheet of ¾-inch 4×8 plywood, 6 foot clothes rails, clothes hanger brackets, and paint or stain for wood.

Once you have these tools at your hand, you’ll be ready to assemble a wooden cabinet by yourself. Visit the website of Home Depot to know more ideas on how to get a wooden closet installed by yourself!

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