(Last Updated On: November 26, 2022)

Viewers need to engage with the host while watching live recordings of the products being promoted by a store on digital channels. For live streaming e-commerce, having the appropriate digital and physical tools like a digital wireless microphone or any other external microphone is crucial because it can improve customers’ interactions with your offerings and brand.

To further grasp live streaming technology for e-commerce and make the best decision for your brand, continue reading.

Live Streaming E-Commerce

Although the idea is relatively self-explanatory, here is a more precise definition: Livestream e-commerce offers products using online videos in which the sellers show off the goods and respond to queries from the viewers. These streams typically occur on social networking sites or e-commerce websites.

This enables you to:

  • Show a Product in Depth

It’s always better to see what a product is like in a (live) video than in a description or a picture of the product card. It’s as close as visiting a physical store without moving.

  • Respond to Consumer Queries in Real Time

As a live event, users can ask questions for the host to address immediately.

What Makes Live Streaming So Unique?

  • It’s Interactive

It enables bidirectional communication. Viewers use the chat section to communicate with you in real-time, which allows you to address potential sales objections.

  • It’s Non-intrusive

It’s not like you are chasing people around begging them to buy. It’s the users who log in to watch the stream, so you know they’re already interested in your product.

  • It Doesn’t Require a Considerable Money Investment

You can live stream at zero cost on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or any social media you are on.

  • It’s More Convenient

Nowadays, consumers prefer to buy online from home or their phones. And this shopping format is the closest they get to shopping in physical stores.

  • It’s Entertaining and Adds Some Value

It’s a fun way of reaching out to your clients to show them the advantages of your products.

  • It Instills Confidence

You have a real person using your product and showing how good it is. This humanizes your brand and helps you instill confidence in potential customers. For example, you can demonstrate online how the lavalier mic works for mobile phones, whether it’s the lavalier mic for iPhone or lavalier mic for Android.

Not too bad, right? After reading this list, you must consider giving live streaming a shot. But do you know what equipment you need to carry out livestream e-commerce? Keep reading because we’re about to tell you!

Live Streaming Essentials


Unique live-streaming content will increase your revenue and provide your devoted viewers with the quality of experience they deserve. You will need to spend money on a few critical pieces of equipment to produce high-quality videos.

What you will need to launch or expand your live-streaming business is listed below.

  1. Video Equipment

A competent smartphone camera will work to catch your stream if you are just getting started. Aim for a high frame rate per second and as many megapixels as possible.

Webcams are an excellent option if you want to enhance your video equipment. They may stream directly from your PC and provide higher-quality output.

  1. Audio Equipment

There are several affordable choices that many seasoned live streamers utilize to get clear, crisp audio. One of the most frequently used options is Hollyland Lark C1 for iPhone users and Android phone users. It is fantastic for live-streaming audio of excellent quality.

  1. Live Streaming Platform

You’ll need a platform to run your stream when your equipment is ready. Some well-known free streaming platforms include:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitch
  • Instagram
  1. Accessories

When you create and improve your live streaming system, you will find numerous accessories that might make the procedure more straightforward. Many extras are worthwhile investments, such as Hollyland Lark C1, which is an ultra-premium wireless lavalier microphone ideal for audio recording on iPhones.

  1. Internet Connection

Your live broadcasts’ foundation is your internet connection. You will need a good one for your other equipment to get the finest outcomes. Your upload speed ought to be your first concern. Let’s now talk about the components of your streaming setup.

  1. Camera

To create streams that look professional, you will first need a good camera or camcorder. Your streams and other video and photographic content will be of the highest quality thanks to the many cameras. Next, discuss where you should position your camera while taking pictures.

  1. Tripod

Use a tripod to support your smartphone or video camera to get a steady photo. When streaming indoors, you should ensure your camera is motionless to ensure that each frame is stable and the same height.

  1. Gimbal

In every situation, your audience expects to see even, fluid video shots. A gimbal will stabilize your phone or camera while you are moving around.

  1. External Microphone

A microphone should be near the top of your purchase list to provide high-quality audio from the start when live streaming. Let’s move on to looking “brightly lit” in all possible ways.

  1. Lighting

For photographs that capture a moment, sunlight is ideal. However, you will need a more consistent light source because live video streaming can go on for hours. Your appearance in your streams will be at its best if you invest in lighting and light stands.

  1. Mobile Wi-Fi Router

It’s crucial to have a stable internet connection. Similar to your home router, a mobile Wi-Fi router is a compact gadget that offers internet access. It receives connectivity from a SIM card you plug into, similar to a mobile phone, as opposed to being plugged in. You can take your live streams out on-site and go anyplace with a mobile connection when you know your internet is taken care of!

Bottom Line


That’s everything you need to create high-quality video production for your live streams. By investing in good equipment, like Hollyland Lark C1 and any other external microphone, you are starting a thriving live-streaming business.

As you have seen, live streaming is a highly effective shopping format you can quickly implement. So there’s no excuse not to join this new trend of live-streaming e-commerce. At first, it could seem uncomfortable, but consider how it will affect your sales. You should now have the inspiration you require!