A small gas leak or a small oil spill could turn out to be severe or fatal when it comes to the Oil and Gas market. All it takes is one stimulate to set that spilt oil or gas leakage on fire, and the whole system would burn down, putting the lives of the staff members at serious risk and the production at a dead stop. Everyone who shows up for work wishes to return house, and thus, security is the greatest priority in this market. Virtual Reality has started transforming the method we approach security and the level of safety and performance, which can be attained with little effort and changes to an organisation’s workflow.

Handling and processing enormous volumes of dangerous and flammable materials are a constant cause for concern. Every process step must be verified to ensure safety and avoid injury, direct exposure, and pollution. Virtual Reality simulations can train and acquaint the rig hand with the process, safe operations, and equipment. So, while discovering the workflow for the first time, a trainee makes a mistake such as opening a wrong valve, including the incorrect additive, beginning the faulty pump, or even worse, starting a family. When it takes place in an essentially simulated world, all these trigger no damage to life or residential or commercial property. 

Virtual Reality Operator Training simulators provide a hands-on operations experience for different procedures that need to be followed in real-life circumstances at an oil and gas centre. The new employees can be trained using immersive virtual reality simulations that utilise experiential knowledge. The training session can like wise be intriguing with video gaming functions. The company will be able to access real-time data and analyse their employees’ level of understanding and competency before accrediting them for real work.

In addition to operations, offshore and onshore centres, from time to time, require highly critical maintenance. Virtual Reality Maintenance simulators can train service technicians and engineers on the correct steps to disassemble, repair and reassemble essential equipment. Incorrect methods could cause injuries to workers and damage to devices. VR training is four times faster and more focused than traditional classroom training. This type of training can be carried out anywhere, anytime, and at various times until employees achieve the needed levels of proficiency in security and operations.

These are a few of the opportunities that companies in the chemicals, oil and gas sectors can seize to develop employee proficiencies and development towards reaping the benefits of Industry 4.0 technologies. The future is for intelligent factories that not only endure in a high innovation environment but also learn to adjust and prosper successfully and provide world-class safety efficiency. Businesses must determine appropriate technology and solution companies to assist in adopting the ideal options for their safety use cases.

Combination VR is a leading Industry 4.0 solutions business, which concentrates on producing and supplying options interested in safety, using the very best of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) with the combination of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations.