Change language on phone ColorOS 5 with Pictures

Change language on phone ColorOS 5 with Pictures Change language on phone ColorOS 5 with Pictures

Change language on phone ColorOS 5 with Pictures

We give you instructions with pictures to Change language on your phone from any language to English, German Frech, Chinese (中文), Dutch, Filipino, French, Greek, Hindi, Arabic, Italian, Japanese (日本語), Korean (한국어), danish, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian (русский), Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Vietnamese etc.

TWRP vs CWM : Which custom recovery is the best & Why

Most of time we face to this language problem when we Flash Custom Rom/ Stock Rom/ Factory Hard reset phone.. imagine that you  reset the phone and it Turn ON with its Default language like Korean, china, then definitely it will be problem to you.because you are not familiar with those languages. so, we though to create this post.


How to Change language on Oppo ColorOS 5 phone

Step 1,Change language on Samsung Galaxy

  • Take your phone and go Setting. (pay attention to icon)
  • Choose Language & Region option.

  • Choose your Language.


Still I can’t Change my phone’s Language.

Then we recommend you to use google translator. Install translator to another phone and take photo of your phone’s Screen then it will read it then you can change the language.

If the language and region cannot be changed, or your phone doesn’t display as you selected.

  1. Restart your OPPO phone.
  2. Detect and update your phone system to the latest version of ColorOS.
  3. Back up your data first, then reset your OPPO phone to factory settings.

My Recovery mode is not my language,

If you want to change that then you have to install Stock Recovery related to your language.


How to type Message in different languages on phone

Q : My friend type different languages in Whatsapp, Viber, facebook,VK how to do it (how to change keyboard language)


  • Tap Gear wheel, if not available then Tap and hold Smile mode. 
  • as well as You can go keyboard setting in the notification bar.
  • Now go to World Icon/ Language icon.

  • Now Tap the “add Language option” on keypad.

  • Choose your Language.


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