For many students studying in the USA is a dream. However, they are often confused with which state to choose for studies. Every state in the USA has its own pros and cons, so it is important to research thoroughly before choosing the place you want to study. The first thing students consider is the institutes available for them to study. Here are some states you can choose based on the universities they have.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge has one of the most elite universities in the world – MIT. Not only elite but it is also one of the most popular colleges to study in, especially for engineering students. It has an excellent faculty and a ton of learning opportunities. Massachusetts is one of the popular places among students due to its peaceful yet vibrant atmosphere. It offers students a good living standard and affordable accommodation, tuition fees, and other leisure activities.

Another popular university in Cambridge is Harvard University. Thousands of students from all over the world apply to Harvard every year. It is a dream for many students to study here and further their careers after getting a degree from Harvard.

While Massachusetts is one of the best places to study in the USA, it is also very difficult to get into universities here. Only students with exceptional academic records tend to get in. Due to stringent admission policies, the acceptance rate is very low.


California is another popular state for students who want to pursue a career in the USA. It has one of the most popular universities in the world – Stanford University. It offers a huge number of degrees and courses, so students are eager to learn. A successful student from Stanford University has higher prospects of getting a good job and salary. However, the acceptance rate of the university is only 4%, so it takes a lot of determination and an exceptional academic record to be able to secure admission to this university.

New Jersey

New Jersey is another popular place for students to study particularly because it has Princeton University which is one of the finest institutions in the world. Princeton University is a mid-sized university and has students from all around the world. Students who study in New Jersey have exposure to a wide variety of cultures and ideas.

New Haven, Connecticut

Connecticut is the home to one of the most popular universities – Yale University. It is ranked to be one of the best colleges for liberal arts and research. Many students who are passionate about research are eager to get into Yale to polish their careers. Research is interesting and also helps you broaden your horizons for learning. For students who struggle to write out their research, they can always pay someone to write a research paper to help communicate their ideas to a wider audience.

However, Yale is also very picky for selecting students in their degree programs, so you have to work really hard to get admission.

North Carolina, Durham

This state has Duke University which is again a popular choice for many students. Not only does Durham have one of the exceptional universities in the world but also good accommodation. So, international students find it easier to settle in. Apart from that, it is also a peaceful state good for studies and learning.


There is no doubt that the USA has some of the best colleges in the world. Many students often start working hard to get into these institutions from a very early level in their careers. However, it is very important to learn completely about a state and university before you finally move abroad.