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Apps have made essay writing easy, fast, and more accurate. You spend less time looking for reference materials, drafting your paper, or editing it.

If you’re curious and prefer to work smarter, not harder, you must already have a list of your favorite tools that simplify studying. And you keep searching for new ones to stay ahead of the game.

Isn’t it amazing that you can bookmark a professional assignment writing platform like AssignmentGuru and turn to experts anytime you see fit? Or that you can organize your study sessions in the most convenient way possible using website blockers and time management apps?

Apps will also help you to find help with your assignments like rank my service and other online platforms that make your academic work easier. 

The complex nature of essay writing means that you need different tools. For instance, you may require an app for writing at one point while at another, you need help with editing. Luckily, the internet has numerous tools to help students with essay writing.

Before looking at apps, it may help to review the features that make an app useful in assignment writing. 

  • Accuracy– academic work is sensitive to the accuracy of grammar, math, formatting, and citation, among other exercises. If an app is supposed to help you to write a better paper, it must be accurate. Check reviews to see the most accurate app for the element of writing that you require help with. You will avoid compromising your grades. 
  • User experience– apps should be easy to use. The features must be easy to recognize and understand. A simple app that is easy to learn is the most ideal choice when picking essay writing apps. 
  • Features- does the app contain the features you are looking for? For instance, an app may help with formatting and not citations or bibliography building. Another app may help with math but not physics. Evaluate the kind of help you need to enable you to choose an app that can meet your expectations. 
  • Price– most advanced features on an app come at a price. However, some apps provide sufficient free features or a low-cost package. Luckily for students, the most basic and important features of writing apps are free. In case you have to subscribe, the price is usually low. 
  • Collaboration– the idea is to transfer data and files across apps or platforms. For instance, can you develop a citation or bibliography and share it on a word-processing platform without any changes? Other apps allow you to edit and check for plagiarism directly from your word-processing software. Such collaboration will make your work easier. 

Many other reasons push you to choose one writing app over another. It might take trial and error to discover the best app for each writing task. Here are the best writing apps for windows in 2021


Ullysses is designed for writers who want to be productive by avoiding the taxing work of formatting. It caters to different levels of understanding, enabling amateurs and professionals to have the best writing experience. It uses a `Markdown’ approach where you have all the options available to help you make better editing or formatting choices.

Ullysses costs $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year. It will help you to create a flowing essay by editing grammar, formatting, and including citations, among other tasks. It is available as an add-on for word-processing platforms, making your writing seamless. 


The app is available at a flat fee of $25. It is the ideal app for developing outlines and graphic presentations for your assignment. If you want to plan your work, this is the app to use.

Plottr is easy to use with recognizable features from the Home page. It allows the creation of several layers of ideas, helping you to connect those that are related. The layers work as a block, enabling you to introduce new levels in the course of your drafting. You have an overview of your entire essay from a single page. Plottr is the magic you need to produce an organized and flowing essay. 

iA Writer

iA Writer is a smart writing tool to help with grammar and syntax in your essay. The app is available free of charge for a 14 days trial period. You are required to pay $29.99 per year. 

iA Writer helps you to focus on writing instead of grammar. The app highlights errors with nouns, adverbs, adjectives, tenses, and other mistakes that may affect the quality of your discussion. It takes a minimalistic design, leading to a very short learning curve. 


Grammarly is designed for a writer intent on producing a clear, interesting, and engaging essay. Do not struggle with endless essay writing while you can buy one at MyCustomEssay.com. Grammarly is available as an extension on email, browser, and word processing platforms. 

Grammarly is a real-time editor accompanying you during writing. As you write, the app will highlight the errors for easier correction. It gives options and a reason why you should correct a particular error. You learn about grammar and writing in the process of correcting these errors. 

Apps only make essay writing easier if the apps are right for the job. Choose an app based on your needs and expectations. If you have to pay for the features offered on the app, ensure that it will offer value for money. 

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