As a person living in Austin, there are many reasons why I love this city. Amongst them, the coffee in Austin holds a higher place. Yes, Austin is a great coffee town. Wanna pick the best out of the best? I am here to help you. Similarly visiting the nearby barista is a great way to support the local economy. And their java juices are tastier than the big coffee shops. Even their beans are cleaner and fairly traded. So, here is a list of the best coffee shops in Austin. Please forgive me if your favorite place is not included in the list. Just drop a comment and let me know. Read More: The Ultimate List of Things to Pack for the Beach

Best Coffee Shops in South Austin

1. Radio Coffee & Beer

Want to enjoy Monday bluegrass and food trucks, this is for you.

2. Mañana

A great place to recharge during a shopping day is South Congress Hotel. An on-site coffee shop!

3. Hot L Coffee

This is located inside the Carpenter Hotel. And comprised of seatings that are cozy with the most amazing coffee.

4. Cosmic Coffee

This gives you the feeling that you are in an old Austin hippie’s backyard. It has rainwater harvesting, chicken coops, on-site composting, and vegetable, and herbal gardens. Of course with more sustainable coffee!

5. The Meteor

Meteor is a café, restaurant, natural wine bar, and a bike shop which is in South Congress. I’ll give an A+ to their coffee. And their curated natural wine selection and pizza are amazing too. Meteor has both indoor tables and even large picnic tables in the back. You can hang out with your loved ones both night and day too.

6. Little Brother

Build upon the concept of “solid bevs”. Just the exact thing you need in the morning or anytime throughout the day with on-point kolaches.

Best Coffee Shops in East Austin

7. Cenote

Wanna have the best coffee with a full menu made with locally sourced ingredients in outdoor seating? This is the ideal place for you. And Cenote has two coffee shops in Austin.

8. Wright Bro.’s Brew & Brew

Coffee and beer are both in a single place! And they have many events in their bright and airy neighborhood.

9. Flat Track

Just go East on Caesar Chavez and have a coffee or a bag of beans. Eventhough flat track is a small place it has made a huge impact around Austin.

10. Flitch

Grab your cuppa or a top-notch espresso from this renovated vintage trailer. Have it in their gravel courtyard with cute puppies.

11. Figure & Coffee Purveyors

Best Coffee Shops in Austin

Have a coffee freshly brewed from an Italian La Marzocco machine in this great atmosphere.

12. Revival Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in Austin

A great place for an Instagram fan to upload the picture of their latte. A cute pink shop created by a local female restaurateur, Gabriela Bucio. And some life to your coffee!

Best Coffee Shops in Downtown

13. Jo’s Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in Austin

Jo’s has two locations. The one in South Congress has the famous “I Love You So Much” mural too. You can take a selfie with the mural too! If you are not into such things you can head to the chilling Downtown Jo’s.

14. Merit Coffee

I am pretty sure that people from Dallas and San Antonio are aware of Merit Coffee. They have three shops in Austin. The coffee-obsessed founders at Merit’s give you their obsession through the coffee.

15. Better Half

Best Coffee Shops in Austin

Located in the heart of downtown ATX gives you an all-day cafe with a dog-friendly patio and a large parking space.

16. Idlewild Coffee Collab

Enjoy the coffee that comes from the most opportune climates all around the world. Just right up the street from Graffiti Park and Idlewild is one of the best skate shops in Austin. A latte with a side of a cute skater boy!!

17. Caffe Medici

A famous place amongst the Tech bros and politicians. Has 6 shops in Austin. The shop in the middle of Congress Avenue is an all-time local favorite.

Best Coffee Shops in North Austin

18. Sa-Ten

An artistic coffee shop with a Japanese-American fusion menu with espresso and coffee drinks. You can have a tour around the art scene at the Canopy location (East) or the Airport Blvd. location.

19. Houndstooth

Houndstooth has 6 locations in Austin and Dallas while North Lamar being the original shop. Tweed, the roasted coffee is an all-time favorite of Austin people. A good place with a clean modern atmosphere.

20. Hank’s

A coffee shop with a restaurant in the Windsor Park neighborhood. And even there’s a drive-through!!

21. Thunderbird

A favorite place among Northern Austinites. Gives you high-quality fair trade products and a chill ambiance too.

22. Picnik

Best healthy food in town with a full menu of butter coffee. Haven’t heard of butter coffee before? You must try. A great dine-in location in Burnet or grab a butter coffee at South Lamar.


Try anything from a frozen mocha to a hazelnut latte. Be relaxed in a cozy environment.

24. Summer Moon Coffee

Providing almost 30 locations the summer moon is a famous spot amongst the north Austinites. At Summer Moon they made their own roasters and unique wood-fired coffees. Enjoy an extraordinary cup of coffee!

Best Coffee Shops in West Austin

25. Mozarts Coffee Roasters

Best Coffee Shops in Austin

An Austin classic on the shores of the beautiful lake Austin. Choose from their extensive baked goods from croissants to cakes while sipping on a delicious coffee.

26. Civil Goat Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in Austin
Civil Goat Coffee

Head more further to the west in the Cuernavaca neighborhood and you want to regret! Try their specialty coffee.