My Android is Stuck in Safe Mode

My Android is Stuck in Safe Mode

Actually this is a Common problem, when we enter to Safe mode, sometimes it may stuck at Safe mode and we can’t get out from Safe mode. In safe mode,we can’t do much more things because all the third party apps have stopped and normal functionality isn’t loaded. Some times you can’t even get a Call due to “No Service” error message.

Normally we get out from Safe mode, without doing anything while phone is starting. If you press Volume Up key while Starting the phone then it is a signal for the phone to Switch on with Safe Mode. Your phone switch on with Safe mode without doing this, then this is the guide line which we can help you.

Power Completely Off

Which means, You have to Turn off your phone Completely not Restart/reboot, You had better remove the battery If you own an Android phone with a removable battery for little moment before turn on your android phone.

Check Volume Up Button 

If Above method doesn’t work then check your Volume Button. There is Dump or Dust around the button or there is Congestion So, Clean it. Now remove the battery and press it 3 times. See whether button is working.

Wipe Cache Partition 

This method helps us in many ways. Android system stores its cache files in cache partition. These cache may cause to different types of errors. So, delete your all Caches. turn off your phone Go to recovery.

Wipe Cache Partition

Factory Reset

Lot of people have this problem solved by Factory reset. If you do this, you will lost all your Data excluding memory card data. If you want to Turn on your phone with normal mode then you have to do this.

Factory reset

Flash Stock Rom

This is the Final Solution for your problem. Stock Rom is entire android OS on your phone. “Flashing Stock is, replace entire Android System. Stock Rom is a Default Rom and it is the official Rom. If it doesn’t avoid the warranty.

Flash Stock Rom 

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