(Last Updated On: December 16, 2022)

Without root access, there are several cool things that you can do using the Best Android hacks.

The method of getting the full potential of your android phone is rooting. Although you may be able to unleash many options naturally through rooting, there are few downsides that can be identified in the rooting process.

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When we consider them, you may have to trust the whole root process and methods by making sure that method not included harmful code or backdoor access for the outside users. Naturally rooting is a method of bypass security points placed by its manufacture. So you may have to get that risk while you are going to rooting your android device.

Thankful to the developer communities of android, it is so rare to find that kind of security threats that harm due to the rooting process. Hence many developers working on this matter, to make things in a legitimate manner.

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Here you can read more about how you can root your Android devices without apps.
Another issue you have to face is Android devices are complex. Those are not simple as flashing an app and run it. If you have done any wrong while you rooting, it resulting a brick and your phone will be useless. As it happens your device warranty also gets void and no longer supports you.

Since the Android operating system’s infancy, many users tend to find a way that is allowed to take advantage of unlocking capabilities of certain features and through this article, we are going to discuss those things which were our favorite ‘hacks’ that can be engaged without rooting.

Those things are not as powerful when comparing to the existing or advanced root app, but there you can find some cool features yet.

Create Your Own Custom Widgets using Best Android hacks

hacks can do without rooting Android

For the convenience of the home screen, widgets are the better solution that you can experience among the apps that you have. But there is a limitation of imagination and aesthetic sensibilities of certain apps that initiate by the developer.
But you can experience your real taste and desired options that reflect your exact need, by downloading and installing applications such as Beautiful Widgets. It gives you incredibly personalized backgrounds and keeps your most essential shortcuts at a distance of your fingertip.

Experience the Edge Display On Your Android Introduced in Android hacks

Use Edge Display on your Android

In recent, the Samsung Galaxy S6 came up with a cool feature called Edge display. It consists of the sexiest way to receive notification imaginable beveled edge of the screen.
But the thing is S6 Edge had a unique shape and it was impossible to replicate on other devices.

As a result of the issues, it is no longer languish kind of uncool wasteland of LED notifications. Now there is an application named Edge Color Notifications that have provided a couple of sidebars on the screen edge. That’s true it is not a perfect solution for non S6 devices. But it has been close to second.
Now you can download the app and start to receive notifications in kind of sticker.

Control Your Desktop Remotely With Your Android Phone

teamviewer android

You can use your Android device to control your PC from anywhere. Since it no needs to install heavy software it will be a much cool feature for you. And the setup is also much fast and it runs in less than 10 minutes.

If your one is performing well at multitasking, you will probably get just five minutes to run. Connecting these devices to perform remote controlling is consists of two phases. You may need to install and configure your PC’s chrome app and also you have to get the android app and install it for your Android device.

This process is much easier and first starts from the PC side. For that process, you may need to download the Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Chrome Store. Once it has to download the software, just install it as normal. For that process, its interfaces will guide you. Then you may need to follow the instructions and need to allow required permission in the installation process.

Once the Chrome Remote Desktop is installed, you will have to prompt 6 digits PIN code. This PIN code is essential to connect android device with the PC.

Then you need to download relevant Android app to your Android device and, this is the second phase of this process. You may need to download and install Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Play Store.

This is so simple and does it as a normal app installation.

Then just open the app, and then select the name of the computer you may need to connect and configure it by providing 6 digit PIN that we get from the previous phase from PC.
Now you can control your PC from anywhere.

Get Screen Records Easily

hacks can do without rooting Android

Recoding a long-time screen video by using an Android device will be a hassle. For that in the Android 5.0 version named Lollipop introduce screen recording API facilities. Through that developers can develop much stable screen video recording apps.
Among those kinds of apps, AZ Screen Recorder can be identified as a lean, more customizable app. This app consists of additional features such as a countdown timer and it will help to get records of the screen without pain.
Also, it has integrated with the device camera and add some annotation on the screen while recording a screen video. This app has other specifications such as edit and trims your videos inefficient way. A downside of this application is if you are under the version Lollipop you are out of luck.

Enjoy Playing with Old Games with an Emulator

hacks can do without rooting Android

By downloading an emulator you still have a chance to revisit the old games that you loved before. If you don’t consider investing in the physical controller for it, having N64 will not be a novelty. Even Gameboy mages and SNES/NES games also will be impossible to run on Android devices.

hacks can do without rooting Android

Re-configure the Change the Events of Navigation Buttons

hacks can do without rooting Android

This app allows you to initiate new shortcuts in your android device using navigation buttons that display at the bottom of the screen. It is called Home2 Shortcut and it will allow you to navigate easily among the dedicated shortcut paths. You just need to tap twice to open up an app using this.

Automate Your Essential Events Using IFTTT

hacks can do without rooting Android

To turn your android phone into a completely automatic machine, in past you only have Tasker. It dynamically adapted to your surroundings. Tasker provides powerful features for users who have programming experience. But in IFTTT provides those powerful features in a more user-friendly manner without considering the user’s specifications introduced in Android hacks.
Get above variance in this manner. If you frequently forget to turn on your Android wifi again when you came to the home again, then using the IFTTT recipe you can turn on your wifi whenever you come back to the home. It is not so complicated and allows to minimize the usage of mobile data.

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Just Change your DPI as You Wish

Change DPI Density on Android Non Rooted Developer Options

Many of the phones are not allowed to change DPI. But some do. If you root your phone it is naturally too easy a task. But the thing is you may have a way to do it even without rooting your phone. SO that way is much easy. The below guideline will allow you to do it in the right way.
First, you ma32y need to enable USB debugging. To do that go to Settings and select Developer Options. If this is the first time you going to enable the developer options, first you may need to Settings and then select About Phone. You will see a “Build Number” field and tap on it seven times.
Then download and install ABD drivers and minimal ADB for Windows. After that command prompt will be open and leave it for now.

After that connect the Android device to the PC and then it asking from you to authorize the PC for debugging. Then tap Ok.

Go back to the Minimal ADB command prompt window. Using the following command change the DIP.

adb shell wm density “DPI”
adb reboot

Important: You may need to replace the new value with the listed DIP. you’d like to use. A higher DPI means less information and low DIP performs the opposite of it.

Then your android device will be automatically restarting. If you need to get the original DIP again, just move to the ADB command prompt and run the following command.

adb shell wm size reset
adb reboot

Conclusion on Android hacks

Android operation system has a long way and now it has the ability to provide more features without modifications. And the developed security features resulting in difficulty in rooting. Since the complexity of the Android system and its resulting complicated modifications are easy than before.

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