(Last Updated On: December 15, 2022)

Black Friday sales in the US were a staggering $8.9 billion in 2021. This proves that consumers are actively hunting for discounts and prepared to spend money both online and in person during the huge shopping events known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This makes it an unmissable chance for your company to increase sales by launching clever Black Friday & Cyber Monday marketing campaigns.

So how can you develop and implement a clever Black Friday marketing campaign for 2022? Continue reading to discover all the best Cyber Monday ideas you’ll need to know to maximize this year’s sales.

What Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday, which always falls the day following Thanksgiving, has become recognized during the past century as the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Despite being largely an American shopping holiday, Black Friday has expanded internationally and is becoming more and more well-known.

It has been customary for merchants to open early, sometimes even at midnight on the eve of Thanksgiving, to capitalize on the Black Friday shopping frenzy and draw holiday customers.

A Black Friday spinoff for the internet era, Cyber Monday takes place the Monday after Thanksgiving. It effectively serves as the internet version of Black Friday, letting customers take advantage of discounts and offers without having to contend with the dreaded Black Friday crowds.

Why Marketing Matters

The most significant marketing events of the year in the eyes of marketers are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are a few reasons for this.

First of all, on Black Friday, consumers just spend more money. The need is there, and savvy companies will work to meet it rather than let their rivals take it.

Second, providing Black Friday discounts has become so routine that failing to do so can be perceived as strange. Most of your audience is probably looking for a bargain, and some may even be delaying their purchase until after Thanksgiving.

In addition, Black Friday is a fantastic chance for more than just earning sales. This is your time to reconnect with past clients and expand your social media or email subscriber base for continuing marketing purposes.

Cyber Monday Tips and Strategies for 2022

It is obvious that a marketing push before Cyber Monday is crucial, but how can you do it smartly and effectively to maximize your return on investment? The top advice for Cyber Monday marketing in 2022 is reviewed below.

1. Market in Advance 

The most crucial thing you should understand about Cyber Monday marketing is that starting early pays off. While some people buy on impulse on Cyber Monday, many do their shopping in advance, determining which sales are the most valuable and which stores to visit first. You can make sure that shoppers add you to their list of merchants to visit by making advance plans and commencing your marketing efforts early.

2. Create Urgency

The most successful marketing strategies take into account the psychology of consumer decision-making. The methods of urgency, scarcity, and exclusivity—all of which are excellent at motivating potential consumers to take action—are all based on this theory.

To take advantage of an offer, the client must move quickly, which is what is meant by urgency.

It is believed that there are only a certain amount of things available, which prompts shoppers to act quickly and buy items before they are all gone. Scarcity marketing stresses products’ limited supply by utilizing phrases like:

  • Only ___ left;
  • Low stock;
  • Limited availability;
  • While stock lasts;
  • Limited edition;

You can utilize urgency by offering temporary discounts and using terms like:

  • Now;
  • Hurry;
  • One time only;
  • Last chance;
  • Before it’s gone;
  • Today only;
  • Limited time;
  • Instant.

3. Go All Week

Black Friday originally only lasted one day, but it has subsequently grown to last longer. Black Friday extends at least as long as the full holiday weekend with Cyber Monday included. Additionally, many retailers end up running Black Friday promotions for at least a week or longer thanks to the addition of early bird discounts and last-minute sales. You may promote even more purchases by extending Black Friday.

4. Go All In On Offers

The bargains are the main Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing strategies. Offer some truly competitive sales to your audience to satisfy their need for the greatest discounts and the finest deals. A very lukewarm sale might be 10% off clearance products, for instance. However, a 50% discount on the entire stock is more likely to thrill customers and prompt them to grab their wallets.

Additionally, keep in mind that there are several holiday deals you may make, such as:

  • Giveaways;
  • Discounts;
  • Rewards for minimum spendGift gift with purchase;
  • Product bundles.

5. Use Video Marketing

Video, one of the most well-liked contemporary marketing mediums, has a unique capacity to captivate consumers by appealing to their emotions and simultaneously engaging several senses. This necessitates the inclusion of quick social media videos in any 2022 Cyber Monday marketing strategy.

The best part is that you can quickly and easily drag and drop together a professional-looking film in just a few minutes thanks to online video creator tools.

Unsure about the best kinds of videos to produce? There are so many choices, such as:

  • A gift guide of your products giving your customers ideas for what to buy their loved ones;
  • An announcement of your offer;
  • A video kicking off a contest or giveaway.


There has never been a better moment to start organizing your marketing strategy than as Black Friday and Cyber Monday draw near. With the appropriate strategy, you can set up your company to generate a ton of revenue in 2022.