(Last Updated On: September 1, 2021)

In the last few years, 40 million people in the US have ventured on RV trips. They offer you a flexible, low-cost, and low-stress way to go on vacation, so it’s no surprise you are looking to get in on the action.

But if you are not sure whether an RV and #vanlife is for you, converted small camper vans are a great transition vehicle. They are often the size of a large SUV but offer some of the amenities and comfort of a recreational vehicle.

But which camper van is the best for newbies? Here are some of the best camper vans on the market right now for your consideration.

1. Citroen Dispatch

Citroen Dispatch camper conversions are popular because of their sleek, modern exterior. They have a pop-top roof and room for a small kitchenette and fold-down chairs below. These mid-range small camper vans are reliable and perfect for shorter weekend trips.

The only downsides are that the cabin seems darker and more cramped than other RVs and you might find yourself at a loss for storage.

2. Renault Trafic

Renault Trafic converted vans are larger than the others on this list but the payoff is more storage and living space. They are comfortable to drive and have enough room for a full kitchenette with an oven and plenty of storage. If you wanted, you could have a sleeping space in the cabin as well as the pop-top.

It’s one of the more attractive small camper vans and a good alternative to the pricey Ford Transit Custom and VW Transporter models.

To find the best affordable camper vans and great deals, research both local and online dealers like Rec Van.

3. Toyota Sienna

Looking for a teeny, tiny camper van for sale? You’ll forget you are driving an RV with the Toyota Sienna! They are the smallest on this list and are a great hybrid vehicle for camping trips and everyday life.

There isn’t room for a pop-top on this vehicle, but you can have storage underneath a bed in the cabin and a sink in the corner. Ideal for a few RV trips a month but if you want to live in your RV or go on extended road trips, you may find it too cramped.

4. Honda Elysion

This is the most expensive smaller camper van conversion on the list, but for good reason. First, despite being a van, it looks like a regular SUV yet offers heaps of space.

There’s room for a double pop-top sleeping space, a double sleeping space in the cabin plus a kitchen and storage. It’s a reliable vehicle and if you can splash the cash, Honda Elysion vans are well worth the investment.

Which Small Camper Vans Are Best for Your Needs?

If you are not sure whether RV vacations are for you or not, trying out small camper vans is a smart move. And once you discover you love RVs (because you 100% will), you can still use your smaller RV as an everyday vehicle. Win-win!

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