My SD Card does not work or cannot be read

My SD Card does not work or cannot be read

My SD Card does not work or cannot be read

Hi, today our guide line shows you have to fix your unreadable Micro SD card. If you have any problem please asks us then we can help you. as wel as you may know, in the world, there are lot of brands like Transcend, integral, Sandisk, Kingston, PNY,Panasonic,Lexar,Verbatim,Sony Memory,Fujifilm.

I wrote this post because some uses send me emails asking about this matter.


“Hi gogorapid, My android phone’s Micro SD does not work with my computer. My computer does not recognize it”

“Hi Ramikatz, I get Class 10 Micro SD card. It works with my windows phone and my Samsung and HTC phone. But it does not work with my laptop. When I plug it to my laptop, Laptop does not give even notification”


Press the SD card or USB in a little harder

Press hard more that normally. see whether it works


Check the USB Adapters

If you use USB adapter, then check work or not, insert another SD card to check or try to connect your phone with SD card via USB cable.


Disconnect and reconnect USB cable

Turn off your android phone and connect it to computer. If not, Turn on your smart phone and try connect to your computer.

If you use adapter, then reinsert adapter


Use back USB ports

You computer have front and back USB port. So Remember, use to back ports. Connect adapter or USB cable to back


Disconnect and restart computer

Disconnects all USB devices from your computer and restart your computer, after restart inserts all devices and also SD.


Install available drivers

Some devices have their own drivers. You can download it from their web sites.


Check Write-Protection on your SD card.

Some memory chips have lock like this. So you have to unlock it.


Check Write-Protection on your SD card using CMD

Try this- How to remove Write-Protection on your SD card using CMD


Format your SD card

These all are not work for you? Then try to format using CMD. Try this link – How to force format SD card by using CMD


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