How to root Samsung Galaxy S7 SM- G930

How to root Samsung Galaxy S7 SM- G930

How to root Samsung  Galaxy S7 SM- G930

In this, we are going to provide instructions to root your Samsung Galaxy S7 SM- G930, running on Android marshmallow updated phone.

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Requirement for rooting your SM- G930 phone

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  1. Your phone should have 50% + battery.
  2. Samsung USB drivers.
  3. Odin 3 Setup.
  4. CF-Auto-root.tar

Note – IF you root your phone, your phone warranty may cancel. But you can unroot any time.


Root my Samsung Galaxy S7 SM- G930

Step 1,

If you don’t have Samsung USB drivers, then download and install it. If you have Samsung USB setup, then go to Step 2. You had better enable USB Debugging mood and developer mood before going Step 2. 

Step 2,

Now, you have to download root Zip files (Odin3) to your computer. After downloaded, unzip it/ extract it. After unzip you can see CF-Auto-root.tar, Odin3.ini, tmax.dll and zlib.dll files.

Step 3,

Bring your phone and turn it off by pressing power button. Make sure whether your phone is off before going to Step 4.

Step 4,

Now you have to switch on it on Download mood. To boot onto download mood you should press and hold volume down button power button and Home button at same time. Until drive vibrate. If not, until Download mood appear

DSC_0025 (1)

Step 5,

You can see warring message Now. Tap Volume Up and connect your phone to your computer via Data cable

Step 6,

Open Odin 3 Setup. If you have connected your SM- G930  to computer, then odin 3 will get your drive automatically. box  If not, reconnect, restart and reconnect


Step 7,

Now click PDA Box and choose CF-Auto-Root.tar file and ok.  (There is a CF-Auto file in Odin 3 Zip)


Step 8,

Finally, click the Start button to root. This process may take 30 sec. and when it complete, your Samsung  Galaxy S7 SM- G930  phone will be restart with rooted. As wel as odin will indicate “PASS” when you root.


Step –  Check check whether phone was rooted or not

Now disconnect your phone from your computer. With safe remove option.Ok Now your phone is rooted. If you want to check whether your phone is root or not, Click here. There is a simple to know it


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