How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card

How to Remove write-protection using CMD/Command prompt (Diskpart) How to Remove write-protection using CMD/Command prompt (Diskpart)

How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card

How to remove write protection from SD Card- .Actually lot of people faces this problem every day. So today we try to discuss how to solve this problem steps by step with pictures. So if you want to solve your problem please follow this guide line. If you have any problem please comment then we can help you.

Micro SD Write protection does not allow delete or format any type of files in SD card. In this tutorial we are going turn off the write protection from your Micro SD card.

Write protection error box look like above one. However this is not your SD card problem. This is error of your window.

How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card

How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card

There are two ways for turn off/remove write protection

  • Using CMD
  • Using Registry Editor

How to Remove write-protection using CMD/Command prompt (Diskpart)

  1. Plug your Micro SD card to computer. (use one of back ports)
  2. Then open CMD. Open “RUN” and type CMD.after that, it will open CMD box
  3. After open, type these codes one by one.
  4. Type “Diskpart” and enter
  5. Type “list disk” and enter
  6. Now select your drive. (see drive latter or drive size) after select enter it like this – select volume 3 ( our drive latter is 3)
  8. If your USB micro SD card is write protection, then you can see, Read-only State: Yes.
  9. Tor remove write protection type – ATTRIBUTES DISK CLEAR READONLY
  10. Now you can use your Micro SD card.

How to solve Write protection using Registry Editor

  1. Open the RUN and type “REGEDIT” then it will open the Registry Editor
  2. Navigate to the this parth: (go through this parth) “Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies”
  3. On the right hand panel of the REGEDIT you will find  “Write protection” ,
  4. Double click on it
  5. change its value between 1 to 10 and close the REGEDIT (whatever between 1-10)
  6. Finally Restart your computer and insert your micro SD card back in
  7. Now, I can say, you will no more find the write protection on it


Not solved?

Then you have to use one of these software. Choose one software and download and install.

  1.   Apacer USB3.0 Repair Tool
  2.   Kingston Format Utility
  3.   Kingston DataTraveler DT101 G2 8GB USB 2.0


Apacer USB3.0 Repair Tool – there are two functions.

  • One is restore.
  • Second one is Format

Notes –

  • Scan with antivirus- Use your virus guard before using any USB drive. Scan your USB drive before open.
  • Make sure plug to one of back port.
  • Make sure your SD card works for other computers.

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