How to Upload Site backup ZIP to ipage or another hosting

How to Upload Site Back up Zip file

How to Upload Site Back up Zip file to ipage or any other hosting site

Hi, this is our wordpress guide series and today our topic is how to upload Site backup ZIP to your new hosting provider site. Actually this is simple thing but I know if you are a beginner to this field, then you are in trouble now. Actually this guide is for ipage uses, but other users can use these tricks. And ipage and other user if you got problem please reply to then we can settle it as soon as possible.

1.Firstly, you have to Logging to your Ipage and go to “C panel” it mean is Control panel.  Then find “file manager”. There is a bottum called “create new Directory” And Click  it.

Other uses, logging your hosting site and find name called “file manager”  in C panel and create a folder/create a new directory in file manager.

Create directry


After it created, it will go list in left menu. Imagine, this is your “my computer”. In my computer there are folder Local disk C, D, E. in here also same thing. J There is no big deal so don’t worry.

Click the directory name which you created.

After click there is button an upload icon. Find it and click the upload bottom to upload Zip file.

Other uses also click the upload icon/upload button

2 upload


After you click the upload icon, it will ask what file you need to upload. Then choose your back up Zip file./Browse you backup ZIP file. (You don’t need to unzip it) just upload it

Create directry

Ok Now uploading zip file to new hosting is 70% finished but HP can’t read Zip files. So we have to uncompress, extract. To uncompress we need tool. In ipge, there is tool, called “Archive Gateway” on Cpanel. Other hosting uses you also have this option please look around the Cpanel.

How to uncompress ZIP files in CPanel


Select Zip file which you uploaded to file manager. and provide directory (Name of Site) and click the Extract/uncompress.

If you did this correctly. You can see your files compressed like this in file manager.



Now you have to set logging details in wp-config.php , To connect MySql database.

If you have any doubt or any problem please asks me with screen shot and I will answer for it about 10min. if you get help in this tutorial please share this over the facebook twitter and other social Medias. And make sure to bookmark us

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