How to recover Whatapp messages

How to recover whatapp messages How to recover whatapp messages

How to recover Whatapp messages

Whatapp is new generation Communication app. When you chat with your friends it will only charge for data. So it is cheap way for chat with your friends. It is easy than facebook viber. But sometimes, we have to format our phone or phone will not on because infected virus or something. Like this times we lost our Whatapp messages. How to get these messages back? or how to get deleted messages, Is it impossible thing?

Now I’m going to teach you how to get all deleted message on Whatapp
for this, there are two methods. Follow me now


Method one (This method only work for More than 7 days old Messages)

Simply, uninstall your Whatapp Account

  1. Setting –> application manager –> click Whatapp –> Click Uninstall
  2. Google play store.
  3. Download and install Whatapp application.
  4. Now Get Backup messages.


Method two

  1. Uninstall Whatapp
  2. Search”msgstore” file on your memory. If you haven’t searching option then download searching app from Google play.
  3. Using above app, Navigate /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases folder.
  4. There are date based Backup files. Select one. (Since when) And Rename it to msgstore.db.crypt.


Msgstore – 2013-12-05.1.db.crypt file to msgstore.db.crypt.

( Delete Date)

  1. Install what app now. Whatapp now restore
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