How to fix “your SEO optimized yoast” header | solved

How to fix "your SEO optimized yoast" header How to fix "your SEO optimized yoast" header

How to fix “your SEO optimized yoast” header

How to fix “your SEO optimized yoast” header-If you have yoast SEO plugging, suddenly if you had to change your host, this problem can be happened. This is default setting generated by yoast. But there is a problem..  when title is changed to “your SEO optimized yoast”, how will stop that..  how to get your title back? We have received some mail about this question..

“Sir,  my site’s title changed to “your SEO optimized yoast” and i want to remove that..  but there is not any option to remove..  actually i don’t even know “your SEO optimized yoast” that title come from.. “

“My site title can be changed.  How to reset”

“How to get my title back, it changed “your SEO optimized yoast” “

Even WordPress forum doesn’t have an effective solution for this matter.  they all are talking about disable plugging s..  but problem can not be solved in that way. Problem Persists..


Today our guide line is about this.

You have to do small thing..  change the title..  before that.. first try this method too 🙂

disable all plugging and activate one by one.  check whether it’s done.

If not,  go to your site’s dashboard.

then go to“Appearance”and go to “Editor”

then Right side.  You can see “header” editor.

Change those codes like this.

<title>Your SEO optimized title</title> Delete this Code only

Now save and go site..  is it work?

Thank you..  if you have any problem feel free to ask..

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  1. still having the same issue on my website

  2. It is not updating. What to do?

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